Friday, May 16, 2014

Go, Dirty Girl: Packing for a Mud Run

"You are going to pack towel. Aren't you?"

>>birds chirp<<

Sure, Mark. I'll pack a towel. Maybe I'll pack two. For kicks and giggles ... or probably because I'll need it.

When I go to a race, I take a minimalist approach. I don't gear check a bag or bring my phone. I'm fine sitting in the same sweaty clothes while I "refuel" (aka stuff my face). Basically, if it doesn't fit in my SpiBelt, I don't bring it.

The Dirty Girl Mud Run in Indianapolis on Saturday will be different, though. Very different. And, as such, the packing list will be, too.

 photo MudRunPackingList_zpsf3c2f306.jpg

Race entry confirmation/bib/ticket. For the Dirty Girl Mud Run, we have an EventBrite ticket. Runners can show an email confirmation or print out the ticket. I hate using data on my phone so I'll be bringing a hard copy, along with a parking pass for the event location.

Towels - plural. Think beach towels for the car seat and trunk. Pack another for yourself, too.

Baby wipes. A towel will help you get off most of the grime but I'm fully expecting to get mud in some nooks and crannies of this post-pregnancy body. Baby wipes will also come in handy dare a muddy fingerprint get on the steering wheel.

Plastic grocery bags. Some websites/blogs suggest plastic zip bags but the grocery bags will tie at the top and are big enough to accommodate shoes. Bring at least three - one for shoes, another for clothes and the last for the dirty baby wipes.

Extra clothes. Underwear, bra, pants, shirt and a sweat shirt are a must. The temperature is forecast to be in the 50s, so I know it will be best to have extra layers to warm up after the run.

Clean shoes. This one is obvious. Or it should be.

Compression gear. The race is a 5K but there's no knowing how my body will react to the obstacles. I will be bringing a pair of Pro Compression marathon socks to wear after the race and on the way home to make sure I have fresh legs on Sunday.

Hat. Whether I get to rinse off my hair and get to deal with my poufy pixie or I have mud-caked locks, I'll be rocking a Nuun trucker hat. Keepin' it classy.

Friends. The best part of events such as obstacle and paint-bomb runs are doing it with a group. I'm kidnapping Kim from Girl Evolving, and we'll tackle the challenge. 

Note: We also may leisurely meander the course as neither of us will have children in tow!

Other things to consider: Cash, ID, snacks and a good attitude!

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for the Dirty Girl Mud Run Indianapolis, and I was provided an entry to the event free of charge in exchange for a blog post (in March) and a race review. As always, opinions are honest and written by me.


  1. Have fun! I ended up donating my shoes. Man the hosedown at the end is gonna be COLD! Yes, bags, bags and more bags to share. People will come with none.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Not going to lie, I'm a bit excited that we're moving closer, even if it is like 9 hours or so. Bonus, my mom might be moving to Indianapolis in July. At which point we could have almost regular meet ups because we'd be in town visiting! I know, try to contain your excitement.

    But really, have fun this weekend and say hi to Kim!

    1. I don't think I can contain my excitement. I better leave work. Right. NOW.

      Woo hoo! I am so glad to be a wee bit closer to you. It's like our hearts will be closer ;) And, in Indy, we can ditch the kids with the husbands and run. Followed by some brunch - I have great places scouted already.

      Note on TCM. "Life plans" (maybe, hopefully) put me out of the loop for a fall marathon. But, I might try to talk Mark into letting me enter the 10-mile lottery. To be continued ...

    2. LIfe plans....ooooooooooooh. Exciting!

      Got the word, mom is officially moving to Indy and bought a ridiculously huge house. So I will be there oftenish. Which you know, is awesome. I love food and running, so I'm all for brunch, or lunch, or dinner.

      I may have also registered for the marathon...

  3. A mud-run huh? Looks interesting! There are so many different obstacle courses these days! Can't wait to see what you think!! Have fun!