Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 10/13-10/19

The lull. It is here. I am not actively training for a race. I don't have a plan to follow. My goals are broad, if existent at all.

It's a welcome change. I no longer have anxiety before workouts nor the stress of trying to fit it an 8-miler before work. I don't have to worry about how teaching two classes on Thursday will affect Friday's run nor do I care if the next day's run is 30 seconds slower per mile.

But it is different. After such an aggressive training plan, there's a sense that 5 miles is no longer good enough. One workout a day is not sufficient. I need to do x, y, z and 1, 2, 3 to be successful. Maybe even worthy?

I am trying to push it aside, though. The focus, after all, is staying as strong as possible for as long as I can and doing it to keep me and Baby X as healthy as we can.

 photo A136F79A-5E24-49A4-964E-4AE380FF40E1_zpsjgzpnshm.jpg

This past week was pretty a fair representation of how I've been working out and hope to continue to do so. I would like to add in another day of resistance training but that shouldn't be too difficult as my schedule at the Y might be changing to split up my Thursday night classes.

 photo 12971C4D-3958-4889-987A-682D1414E0EE_zpsxsxb68nm.jpg

Highlights: Kicking Mark's butt when he came to boot camp and logging some fast miles during Sunday's run.

Lowlights: Kicking my own butt in boot camp and the ridiculous DOMS that proceeded Thursday's classes and freezing rain at the end of the 10-miler.

The week, in training:

Monday, Oct. 13

Tuesday, Oct. 14
RUN | 5 miles
Time: 45:41     Pace: 9:08

Wednesday, Oct. 15
RUN | 5.01 miles
Time: 47:47     Pace: 9:33

Thursday, Oct. 16
CROSS TRAIN | Boot camp + Ripped

Friday, Oct. 17
CROSS TRAIN | Elliptical
Time: 45:00     

Saturday, Oct. 18
RUN | 10.01 miles
Time: 1:35:52     Pace: 9:35

Sunday, Oct. 19
RUN | 5.1 miles
Time: 44:36     Pace: 8:45

Monday, October 20, 2014

No Treat Challenge: Cutting the Sweets

It was an innocent, kind gesture.

 photo 8FDA6C34-E3E1-447E-818B-175F5CD83555_zpsehqai0ua.jpg

"I thought baby might need a treat today."

A friend had stopped at DeBrand Fine Chocolates, a favorite gourmet chocolate store in Fort Wayne, and bought the one of confectioner's seasonal treats – a ghost truffle – for me. It was milk chocolate with a raspberry filling and frighteningly tempting. But the truth was that I had already had a sweet finish to my lunch and didn't need it.

Nor did the baby.

 photo DEC78DA7-4B0C-4A23-8E4A-8321906A3811_zpsqytwlyvv.jpg

There's always the temptation to allow yourself an extra treat here or there, whether it's because food just doesn't sound good or the fear of gaining a pound is gone. Friends and family like to celebrate, too, and I am routinely asked if Baby X needs a (decaf) espresso malt or piece of cake or trip to the ice cream store.

Excess sugar and subsequently weight good for mom or baby. It can lead to the production of a potentially harmful protein, AGE, which can "impair healthy immune function, stiffen blood vessel walls, and even alter gene expression." [source] While there is no direct link, there is the worry of gestational diabetes, which can lead to excessive birth weight, preterm labor and the risk of Type II diabetes later in life. And, to be vain, the more weight I gain while pregnant is more weight I have to take off next summer.

When I ate my ghost on Sunday (I resisted two days), I decided that was it. I needed to take a break from the sweets. I needed a treat hiatus. And what better time? With Halloween 12 days away, candy is everywhere – in the stores, at restaurants, on the community food table in the office where well-meaning co-workers dump bags of Reese's pumpkins.

I'm pledging to forgo the candy, the cake, the pudding, the ice cream in favor of more healthful choices until that frighteningly fun holiday.

 photo notreatchallenge_zps552bb96d.jpg

And I'm challenging you to do the same.

From now until Halloween, bypass the desserts (anything that looks as such) and enter to win a prize pack filled with satisfying snacks sans sugar. Using the widget below, you can comment daily for entries. I'll unveil the prize next Monday half way into the challenge.