Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#BeMonumental {Week 5}

There's something about new shoes that can give you just the push you need to get out the door and get running.

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And this week, the shoes were a pair of Hoka One One Speedgoats and the push was a forceful one. It took me out the door, out of my old city neighborhood and to the only wooded trails in Fort Wayne. 

I had picked up the shoes at the local running store a few days prior for reasons I'm still trying to work out. I went in to drop off old shoes to be recycled/donated and just felt like meandering. Meandering turned into talking to the friendly staff and talking to the friendly staff turned into trying on shoes.

My excuse, though, is that a good pair of trail shoes will serve me well when I head out to the Pacific Northwest for Ragnar Trail Cascades.

And so will the actual trail running. Ha!

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While I could (and probably should) train specifically for Cascades (the elevation and climbing – holy hoopleheads!), it's hard to do that with a marathon on the docket. So, I'm trying to take one of my easy runs to Franke to get used to the terrain and get in a smidge of climbing. The trails don't have tons of hills but I have an elevation gain about three times what a normal run would be. However, as they are maintained by a mountain bike group, it's mostly single track and fairly technical. 

The trick? Running the trails easy enough that I don't jack up my quality runs yet making marked improvements so I don't die in the mountains.  

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tuesday, aug. 2
distance | 6.1 miles
time | 1:00:28
pace | 9:54
notes | Trails

wednesday, aug. 3
distance | 5 miles
time | 44:12
pace | 8:49
notes | Push-ups and planks every mile

thursday, aug. 4
distance | 6.7 miles
time | 1:06:13
pace | 9:50
notes | Early

saturday, aug. 6
distance | 9.2 miles
time | 1:24:31
pace | 9:06
notes | Tempo meets long run meets race

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