Monday, August 8, 2016

Whole30: A Diary {Week 4}

On July 11, I began the Whole30 challenge in an effort to tame my sugar monster, control my eating and maybe lose a few pounds. This is my diary.

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For those who aren't familiar with Whole30, it is a 30-day elimination diet that aims to reset cravings and see how your body reacts to certain foods. Grains, sugar, sugar substitutes, legumes, dairy, alcohol and soy are not allowed.

When I tell people that I am doing Whole30 and then spend another five minutes explaining what Whole30 is, the first question always concerns what I eat.

My answer: A lot. While I'm not eating processed foods, there's still a lot on God's green Earth available to consume. And, in terms of quantity, I still feel like I eat a good amount.

Note: You will see snacks in my diary. Whole30 discourages snacking. However, I run 4+ times a week and teach at least four classes. I need my snacks, if only to make sure that I am eating enough calories to maintain my workload.

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day 22
breakfast >> grapes and an egg scramble
snack >> grilled chicken
lunch >> Seared Tuna Salad with oil and vinegar and roasted cauliflower
snack >> banana and handful of almonds
dinner >> Bunless burger made with Seven Sons grass-fed beef, roasted cauliflower, potato and applesauce

day 23
breakfast >> 3-egg omelet with avocado and Applegate smoked turkey breast
snack >> banana
lunch >> zoodle bowl with grilled chicken, tomatoes and sauteed peppers and onions and seasoned with Old Bay; grapes
snack >> almonds and salad
dinner >> roasted cauliflower and leftover Seven Sons burger
snack >> turkey rollups with avocado and mayo

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day 24 
breakfast >> fried eggs with tomato and kale
snack >> banana
lunch >> salad with grilled chicken, shaved Brussels sprouts and kale
snack >> watermelon and tuna (not together)
dinner >> Sweet potato hash browns with two eggs and cauliflower
snack >> Sunflower seed butter

day 25 
breakfast >> sweet potato hash, eggs and a banana
snack >> green juice
lunch >> salad with grilled chicken, shaved Brussels sprouts and kale
snack >> watermelon and almonds
dinner >> Tuna salad over green beans and roasted potatoes
snack >> strawberries and sunflower seed butter

day 26
breakfast >> sweet potato hash and eggs
snack >> grapes
lunch >> Hamburger patty over salad with side of sauteed Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes
snack >> Boulder Canyon avocado and sea salt chips
dinner >> Five Guys bunless burger

day 27
breakfast >> banana and egg scramble with kale
snack >> banana bread larabar
lunch >> tuna curry spaghetti squash
snack >> cashews and grapes
dinner >> egg over kale and spagetti squash with marinara
snack >> watermelon and olives

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day 28 
breakfast >> scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes
snack >> mixed vegetables with mayo and Old Bay seasoning
lunch >> turkey lettuce wraps, grapes and Boulder Canyon chips
snack >> chicken thigh and kashews
dinner >> cod with sauteed kale, roasted broccoli and shitake mushrooms
snack >> banana with sunflower seed butter and olives

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