Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School {A Three Things Thursday post}

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1. My baby starts school on Monday. My teeny-tiny once 5-pounds, 12 ounces stick of dynamite is going to kindergarten. While he went to full-day Pre-K last year, it seems surreal that we have reached this milestone.

He's ready, though. Or, at least as ready as he's going to be. He's charming, kind and curious. He likes to read, to learn, to ask questions. Lots of questions. Just the other night, he asked me what a disciple was ... because that's a logical question after reading "Marvel 5-Minute Stories." I answered him and from there the conversation spiraled toward who wrote the Bible and why and whether Miles could be a Christian because he couldn't write the Bible.

I swear, I need to get every available PhD to be a parent.

2. Miles is a bit nervous about Kindergarten. He says he is shy and is worried about not knowing the other kids. He's also attending a Spanish immersion program, and he frets that he doesn't already know Spanish, We've tried our best to reassure him that all of the other kids are in the same boat but when we went to open house, he was curled up in my lap the whole time.

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I was a bit taken aback by it all. Miles is always very enthusiastic when it comes to a learning situation. At swim lessons, he's the first to volunteer to try a new skill – even if it means jumping into the deeper water. When he played on a summer soccer league, he jumped at the chance to kick the ball and head into the goal.

3. I realized, though, that as much as I wanted him to be social, I had to be a good example. And, like, willingly talk to other parents. I felt like the meet-and-greet was just as much for me to meet new faces as it was for him.

Here's a tidbit about me: I'm not really good with that sort of thing. I like to slink in a corner, sip on my coffee and wonder when things are over. I am not the outgoing mom who introduces herself to other moms and trades cell numbers and arranges carpool. Unless you want to carpool and then go for a run, that is.

Regardless, this year will be exciting for everyone and I'm looking forward to seeing Miles blossom into a bigger boy.


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  1. I'm with you. I have all the tears and Ella still doesn't start until Sept. 6th! I hope he (and you) had a wonderful first day of school!