Friday, July 1, 2016

Inspiration on the Track {#LiveUnlimited}

It takes 14 laps around the indoor track at the Central YMCA to reach a mile. Not only does the short distance make for a tedious run, the camber of the track can make it hard on the legs. It’s only if you can secure the inside loop (and have strong math skills) that a run can be anything close to enjoyable.

So on days that I’ve found myself relegated indoors to log my miles, I head from the locker room straight to my favorite treadmill – the second from the left, first row, right under the TV that plays Rachael Ray.

But as I walk past the track, I see him. Him. I don’t know his name, much less his story, but I know his face. I recognize gait, even out of the corner of my eye. I can see his salt-and-pepper hair bounce as he takes a step. His cotton T-shirt tucked into his basketball shorts.

Every morning, it seems, he is there running loop after loop on the track. He keeps a steady pace as he goes for at least an hour – I’ve never seen him start.

And, I have never, ever seen him stop.

There are people, I am sure, who would be keen to tell him that he needed to, though. From his posture to the way his feet hit the rubber of the track, one can assume that he has challenges. While running isn’t easy for any of us, he has a harder time. Some people might tell him that he doesn’t need to put the stress on his body. He should take it easy.

But he’s there, day after day, and he inspires me each time that I see him to #LiveUnlimited. Because the ability and freedom to do everyday things like run, walk, hug, talk and breathe are not to be taken for granted.

Now through July 31, the Muscular Dystrophy Association wants to spread the word about the families who live with MD, ALS and other muscle-debilitating diseases who do amazing things and show us how to live unlimited. Each day is one in which they overcome challenges, doubts and obstacles but they don’t let those things limit them.

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They #LiveUnlimited.

In honor of the campaign, you can go to and create a custom graphic to show you #LiveUnlimited. If you share it on social media, a generous sponsor will donate $1 to MDA up to $30,000.

That’s not all, though. The MDA has teamed up with Endorphin Warrior, which created this rad #LiveUnlimitedbracelet. Endorphin Warrior will donate $6 to MDA for every bracelet sold.

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Do you want to break free? The MDA and Endorphin Warrior want to inspire you to #LiveUnlimited and as a thank you for sharing this campaign, I have a bracelet to share with a reader. The bracelet, with a brown leather band and silver plate, is a size medium (7.5).

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