Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Training Update

Twas the calm before the storm.

Twas the week when my main objective was to take it easy, give my legs a chance to freshen up and get my mind in the game.

Twas my last week before training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon kicks off.

Historically, I have a hard time doing things like taking it easy but thanks to a couple friends and early morning wake-ups, I was able to do just that.

 photo 20160628_053730_zpsp1cje6s1.jpg
Monday's early-morning run downtown

Highlight: A runch in surprisingly mild conditions. The temp was in the 70s but there was a cool breeze and seemingly no humidity. I ended up tacking on an extra mile (three instead of four) to avoid the geese on the greenway and managed negative splits. I went back to work on Cloud 9.

Lowlight: I was tired and not necessarily feeling my long run on Friday. I felt like I was forcing a pace that would normally be easy. Thankfully, though, I had company from my BRF. I ran two miles solo and then met her for another 5. Even though we had to take cover in the YMCA from a lightning storm, thus running on the treadmill, we still managed a good conversation.

 photo d07d2e9a-9943-434a-ae98-004bc0ff25b1_zpsgx3xnudq.jpg
View from my runch

The week, in running:

distance | 5 miles
time | 46:40
pace | 9:18

distance | 4.1 miles
time | 36:36
pace | 8:53

distance | 3.1 miles
time | 29:23
pace | 9:26

distance | 7 miles
time | 1:06:54
pace | 9:33

distance | 3.2 miles
time | 28:37
pace | 8:53

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