Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's Going Down {Week In Review}

Friends! It's been so long and there's been so much I've wanted to share. Rather than try to catch up with beyond late recaps (something I despise), I thought I'd give you a rundown of my week.


I drove home from Cincinnati with the two boys. Silas is still at a good age for traveling as he will sleep most of the time, and Miles is happy with an iPad and headphones. Of course, it doesn't mean that it's easy. We made two stops to eat over the course of 148 miles and drank lots of {decaf} coffee.

 photo imagejpeg_0_zpslunmdn7n.jpg

The trip was worth it, though. Grandma got to meet Silas, and Miles got some major quality time with his aunt and uncle. They took him to the Newport Aquarium on Saturday and the Cincinnati Zoo on Sunday, spoiling him with pictures, presents and face painting.


I kicked off the morning with a barbell workout so I could gauge my fitness as I plan my return to teaching. Short story: I am out of shape and lunges really hurt – not just in the hurt so good way but in the "oh, I had major surgery" sort of way.

 photo IMG_4348-2_zpseepzzxrq.jpg

In the afternoon, I met up with BRF Tami and made the drive to Indianapolis for the Another Mother Runner party. It was all kinds of fabulous. I got four hours of face time in the car with Tami, and it was much needed as we haven't ran together in ... Wait. I'm not going to even count it or I'll be sad. Athletic Annex, where the party took place, was packed with mother runners who were open, kind and hilarious. (If you want a better recap of an AMR party, here's a post I wrote from the Columbus fete in 2013.)

Note: If you want to make new friends, bring a baby. Silas got more attention than I did!


Wednesday nights might be favorite as I don't have to cook. Well, I might have found away to make it better.

Since I've been on leave, I ride with Mark to pick up Miles and head to my in-laws' house for dinner. (When I'm working, I meet them there after I get off.) This week, I told Mark to take Silas to pick up Miles, and I ran to my in-laws' house. I arrived just as Mark was pulling up, having logged 2 miles at 9:52 pace.


I tried to trick Mark, and I failed. Miserably.

Mark hates beans. Despises them. It's a fact that can make cooking a bit tricky, especially when I'm making Mexican or soups. I made an enchilada casserole for dinner but used refried beans instead of black, mixing them into the sauce. I was sure he wouldn't notice.

But he did. And then he made a frozen pizza and I sulked.


I had my six-week post partum check-up, and I am officially cleared for all activity. My doctor said to set low expectations for myself as I just had major surgery but I couldn't do any damage to the incision.

So I celebrated ... by taking a walk.

 photo IMG_20150522_134940_zps7bmyrhy5.jpg

I don't remember when I first put Miles in the BOB with the car seat adapter, it might have been six weeks, but fitness-wise I'm not sure I'm ready to run with the stroller. Walking is also a more attractive option in the afternoon when you can include the neighborhood coffee shop on your route and pop in for an iced Americano.


I pumped like gangbusters and did something I've been itching to do for months: I went on a group run.

I met the running group moms for an "easy" 3 after my friend's daughter ran a 5K. The morning was beautiful and we were on a portion of well-shaded trail. Conversation flowed and Tay followed on her bike. (Also along for the ride: Two green worms, which I found on my person at the end of the run. ICK!)

I'm not gonna lie, though. Physically, the run was tough. I pretty much felt like a rhinoceros running through mud. I know it will get better; I just need to be consistent and patient.


I marked the beginning of my return to running by making another return. This time, it was at Dick's. Mark was very kind (and complimentary) and bought me a pair of shorts.

In size small.

Once upon a time, they might have fit but not at this juncture. I'm trying to honor my body by wearing things that fit so we took them back for a larger size. I'm also trying to be positive and didn't buy a cart full of larger shorts. The smaller ones will fit in time and when they do, I'll go buy another pair or two to celebrate : )

Tell me: How did your week fare?


  1. Sounds like you are recovering well! Glad you had a great weekend and many fun things going on! Have a wonderful Memorial Day! :)

  2. Three miles? Yay! So glad you got out, even if you did feel like a rhino. Gotta start somewhere, right?