Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our First Stroller Run

 photo 20150526_085540_zpsjrrckyjm.jpg

Eyes closed. Dog leashed. Legs ready.

Garmin not. Wait. Walk. Stop. One minute. Just. One minute.

Forget it. Let's go.

Strong. Legs. Surprising.

Left arm. Right arm. Push. Push. Right arm.

Sticky. Sweat. Drips.

Traffic intersects.

Wipe. Drink. Nuun. Water. Nuun.

So. Hot. Sun bright. Air thick.

Push on.

Roads. Faces. Familiar. Wave. Smile.

Push on.

Bump. Wince. Bumpy road.

Ooh. Oh. Silence. Good.

Hill. Down. Breathe. Fly. Hold tight.

Mile time. 9:XX. Wow. Strong.

Push on.

Hill. Up. Breathe. Focus. Hold tight.

Summit. Relief. Breathe. Drink.

Check. Eyes shut. Quiet.

Push on.

 photo IMG_20150526_093917_zps7aauehq7.jpg

Stop. Sign.

A sign. Wipe. Breathe. Drink.

Nuun. Water. Nuun. No more.

One. Car. Two. Three? No.

Push on.

Straight? Turn? Right.

Small. Hill. Feels. Big.

Slow. Walk. Breathe. Rally.

Push on.

Turn? Straight? Short? Long?

Straight. Go. The. Distance.

Flowers. Trees. Canopy.

Pollen flies. Lilacs perfume.

Home. Near.

Timer ticks. Almost 30 minutes.

Push on.

Push. Hard. Strong. Finish.

Block. Ends.

Run. Ends.


  1. Awesome job mama! You are a total rock star. Way to get back out there with this sweet little nugget! Thinking about you! xo

  2. Nice!! Congrats on your first one back!! Great re-cap too!! Funny how things change?!?! Or stay the same! :)

  3. I'm SO behind on my blog reading. But seriously, he's SOOOOO lovely.!