Monday, May 12, 2014

Running the town pink: A race recap

I have always wanted to run a Mother's Day Race. Well, at least for my past three years as a mother runner. I even went as far as to solicit a prominent Fort Wayne race director to start a race - just for me.

Reality check: I am not that cool. But, I did get my wish. Sort of.

 photo 1502240_726817470694334_8086148838546596977_o_zpsaa9a1ec5.jpg
Look! I'm in the lead. Pro Compression star socks for the win!

Three Rivers Running Company (my running store) teamed up with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and the Lutheran Health Network to present the Pink Ribbon Run. Saturday's first-year event featured a 4-mile run and a 2-mile walk around the Lutheran Hospital campus. The race raised money for breast cancer research, a cause close to my heart, and last I heard the total passed $1,000. It was a good reason to run even if it was the day before Mother's Day!

 photo E123FBE8-54C4-4157-A7BD-58122F2AA2FC_zpsl9pu29nj.jpg

Race details

Cost:  $25 race registration
Start time: 9 a.m.
Course: The 4-miler had two out and backs plus a weird little zig-zag. There were some wee hills but nothing crazy.
Results: Chip start/finish of 34:25. Third in AG, 51st overall (my running friend beat me for top 50 by 0.02 second)
Swag: T-shirt, water bottle and a sweet Vera Bradley reusable tote. AG prizes, which were two deep (of course, since I was third), were a VB lunch tote for second and a pink VB bag for first.

 photo 10257583_10152096138823240_941260510888652615_o_zps6d47c31b.jpg

Race goals

C: Get it done, plus a 2-mile warmup and 2-mile cool down for 8 miles total
B: Finish in 34 minutes, an 8:30 pace
A: Best 4-mile PR of 32: 31

 photo 10272617_726821520693929_7783086880525063937_o_zpsed57d1d2.jpg

Well, if you read the race details then you know I didn't make my "A" or "B" goals for the race. And that's OK. I feel good about the race.

 photo 1913362_726825124026902_2525904676137930157_o_zps9bac1458.jpg

Four thoughts for 4 miles

1. I ran the race entirely on effort. I had my Garmin on but switched the display to just show the time. I wanted to run hard and not be tempted to slow down or speed up based on what I saw. I also wanted to stop the self defeat that I allow to creep in when I am not hitting the numbers I want. And it worked. I ran two strong first miles (8:05 and 8:06), which fulfilled the week's tempo run. I really slowed the third mile, as I stopped for water and a brief moment to walk because I thought I might puke. It was 9:17. If I had been looking at my watch, I would have been tempted to throw in the towel but I rallied in the fourth mile. 8:17.

2. I came into this race with very tired legs. I had ran three times that week and led two boot camp classes, as well as my Ripped class at the YMCA. My legs spent the better part of Wednesday through Friday in a state of pronounced soreness. I did a light session on the elliptical on Friday to get the legs moving and help them along. It worked but I still felt heavy once we started racing.

3. I finished feeling like I was going to vomit. I have no doubt that I ran the hardest race I could on that day.

4. I ran the warm up and cool down, so I made my C goal and got in a long run for ZOOMA Napa Valley.

 photo 10298451_726825097360238_764793223460030501_o_zpsfe6d5e3a.jpg

Post script

Big thanks to those who took photos for the Fort Wayne Track Club and Three Rivers Running Company. Even if you didn't make me look good.

By the way ... why are race photos such a sucker punch to the self esteem? I will not say more because no one needs to hear me bash myself.

Earth Fare was one of the sponsors and had a massive table of bananas, water and other post-race goodies. They just opened up a store in Fort Wayne, and my excitement is beyond epic. I might have shamelessly pulled the blog card.

I really hope they do this race again. I love the cause, like the course and think it's nice to have a race on Mother's Day weekend.


  1. A finish where you feel like vomiting is a sign of solid effort - well done! I just started making ABC race goals - love having multiple goals vs. one. And yes, race photos are usually awful....mine make think of that social media meme:

    1. Thanks for sharing! I most definitely feel like that meme is accurate. If only I had the good sense to coverup like that girl!

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats on the awesome effort and 3rd place! Of course there was no 3rd place. Sigh. I have to ask though... did 1st and 2nd get medals or just the VB stuff? I just know if it was me... I'd want a medal. I do love that you got a tote with registration!!!

    So, race photos. I have been thinking about them since my husband recently took a bunch and you know how those super nice lenses get the best photos? They also get the most detail. Like... why do I need to see cellulite on my legs in a race photo? LOL. I really like high res sometimes, but sometimes I prefer smart phone photos cause they don't have as much detail and aren't as true to life! Ha!

    1. No medals! Even the guys got the Vera Bradley swag. I'm guessing there were some Fort Wayne moms who got sweet gifts yesterday ;)

      And you are right. Detail is overrated! No one needs to see my extra skin flapping in the wind. I should also wear some compression shorts or knickers to keep my sanity in check.

    2. Don't cover up! Be comfortable! Just ignore those pics! Or send them to me and Bobbi to laugh at! That is what we do when we get a bad one. I never posted this one in a post, but put it on the recap page cause it made us laugh so much - scroll down to Reindeer Run. That's my derrrrrrrrrrrp face ;)

  3. What fun! Love the prizes and the swag, too! I would run this race strictly for the Vera goodies!
    Congrats on a great race...sorry your legs didn't cooperate with you, but you still did great none-the-less!

    1. Thanks! If they do it next year, I'm going to make sure to rest up and train for it. I would so take a Vera Bradley bag.

  4. Can I run with you next year???

  5. Way to rock the Mother's Day race! I wanted to do one here like I did last year, but it was snowing...a lot.

    Short races are an entirely different animals than endurance races. I also felt like I was going to puke during my 5k the other weekend.

    I think the race pictures are just showing you being a BEAST.

  6. I don't get the punch to the self esteem. You look so strong. That's more important than anything.

  7. I would do this race just for the Vera Bradley tote!! Nice job gutting it through on a tough, tired day.

  8. wow!! great race!! i can totally relate to all those feelings you described. but you look great in the pics and finished strong. well done. happy mother's day!

  9. Awesome race!! I am glad you had fun mother runner!!! I agree...I have never had a good race photo. EVER!

  10. Yay for C goals :) Sometimes they are just the ticket. Congrats on a good finish, a cute race day outfit and an awesome schwag bag. xo