Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 5/15-5/11

I was slowly moving beyond the point of confidence to delusional.

Three Bodypump (or similar classes) a week. Muscle definition, especially pronounced in the upper body. Decent mileage. I was fit. F-I-T.

And then things changed. I stopped teaching at the BBG, started training myself and began outdoor boot camp sessions with a small but fantastic group of people. I wasn't squatting with 22 pounds on each side plus the weight of the bar. Rather, I was doing squats ... and then wide squats ... and maybe some curtsy squats. Lunges were sometimes unweighted ut with increased range of motion. I was doing fewer bicep curls but with the 15-pound dumbbells instead of the 10-pounders. Sometimes it felt hard. Others, well, it just seemed unimpressive.

Until I woke up the next day and tried to find ways not to go upstairs to take a shower. It was then that I was reminded of something I knew: We always have room to grow and get stronger. The fittest person can always get fitter.

I've had a habit of defining fit by speed and muscle tone but I'm hoping to give myself an alternate meaning. Maybe 50 push-ups ... or 100 burpees ... or some awesome form pistol squats.
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Monday, April 28

Tuesday, May 6
RUN | 5.01 miles, 4x800
Time: 45:32     Pace: 9:05
I was feeling overly confident going into this run, and it really bit me in the ass. Who knew an 800 was so EFFING LONG? GAH. My frustrations with this run: 800s are long. I couldn't see lap pace on Garmin with the interval workout queued. 800s are long. There was a headwind from all direction. 800s are long. My legs weighed a million pounds. I couldn't run the entire 800 because it was long and my brain could not handle it. I need to do the hard things.

CROSS TRAINING | Outdoor boot camp
Chipper workout with decreasing reps (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) each round. We did sumo squats, traveling push-ups, prisoner lunges, tricep dips, jumping jacks, single leg deadlifts with row, standing oblique crunches, lateral hops, twisting mountain climbers and crunches.

Wednesday, May 7
RUN | 3.1 miles
Time: 27:54     Pace: 9:00
Morning stroller run. It was good enough but windy, and I'm not one with the wind.

CROSS TRAINING | Outdoor boot camp
This session was a mover! We did a lot of traveling exercises, such as crab walks, broad jumps, walking lunges, etc., with core work sandwiched in between.

Thursday, May 8
RUN | 4.01 miles
Time: 36:08     Pace: 9:01
I had quoted Joe an easy 4 to 5 miles when I solicited his company for an early morning outing, and I was beyond grateful he chose the 4-mile option. The legs were tired, and I told him as much as we got going. Surprisingly, we moved it along at a decent enough pace.

Much more on my game this week! My legs were sore so I kept the weight light but need to start building more in back and biceps.

Friday, May 9
CROSS TRAINING | Elliptical, 45 minutes
I wanted to move the soreness out of the legs so kept it light this morning. I tried to catch up on some podcasts but eventually switched to some workout music. So much better! I did intervals of 4 minutes forward pedal, 1 minute backward pedal to pass the time.

Saturday, May 10
RUN | 8.08 miles
Time: 1:13:47     Pace: 9:07
Pink Ribbon Run with a warm-up and cool down, each 2 miles. I worked hard to keep the warm up slow as to save the legs. Go me.

Sunday, May 11
RUN | 4.25 miles
Time: 39:29     Pace: 9:18
My Mother's Day tradition - a solo run. I wanted this run to happen probably more than it needed to happen. My legs were dead and my body tired after a full week, the Pink Ribbon Run and a weekend packed with yard work. I couldn't not do it, though, and headed out just after noon. The run felt as bad as I had feared, and I just slogged it through. I stopped every mile, maybe more, for Nuun as it was pretty warm. Or at least warmer than I was accustomed.

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  1. Holy smokes! Great week!! I agree you can always become more fit!! :)