Monday, January 13, 2014

Time to glow: Launching Les Mills

Every part of my body hurts. My triceps, my shoulders. My back and my chest. My glutes burn as I type this, and I can feel the soreness radiate from my quads. I even have the bow-legged hobble. It's as if I ran a marathon this weekend ... and yet I didn't log a single mile.

 photo 33C2024C-E6DB-4763-BE7F-10CB03F57E94_zpsmljoniua.jpg

Rather, my weekend was filled with squats and lunges (800+ and 200+, respectively), jabs and crosses, mermaids and mac raises. There were bicep curls and almost 300 reps targeting my triceps.

 photo 382C77A7-BF17-4AB9-A92A-05ABDCFB3C48_zpsxruokzn5.jpg

For me, my fellow Max Fitness instructors and our participants, it was time to forget about sweat ... and it was time to GLOW.

 photo 3B13F969-BB2E-4DC5-A4E5-E2412C07DC8A_zpsjhfof5wn.jpg

The two Max locations with Les Mills licenses teamed up to launch the latest releases for BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK and CXWORX. For those of you unfamiliar with Les Mills, the company releases new music and choreography every three months and instructors/gyms are encouraged to make the new material an event. The launch parties often have themes, back-to-back classes that are free to members and goodies for those in attendance.

 photo CADDCC75-A99E-4B2E-8710-6B2BEF165027_zpsqkaw7nwe.jpg

Our theme was "Forget about sweat, it's time to glow," and we made about it glowing from the inside out. I had healthy breakfast bar and Nuun for the inside, and on the outside, the instructors wore bright colors, glow bracelets and these amazing shutter shade classes. It was such a blast.

 photo 97DC3ACC-E6CD-4B73-8383-8705631CDF83_zpsok9m1w0f.jpg

Oh, and there was the "glow" from a good workout. I presented three tracks from BODYPUMP 88 and took the classes for Combat, Attack and a sample of CXWORX on Saturday at the north location ... and then did it all again on Sunday at my home base. Hence all the reps. One day was brutal as I woke up sore Sunday but two days was insanity.

 photo BD5420F5-CFF8-4F13-8EB4-F3D474959AAC_zpsrkxqccaj.jpg

Thankfully, Mark came to the Bodypump class on Sunday, and it gave me a nice boost. I was hoping that he'd stay for some of the other classes, as he'd really like them, but he thought 88 was tough and enough for one day!


 photo 45F964A8-C5C2-44E7-895A-F05D0857A5A9_zpsiureemlf.jpg

If you are unfamiliar with Les Mills, here's a bit about the classes:

  • BODYPUMP is the original barbell class that focuses on high repetitions and low weights to build muscular endurance. 
  • BODYCOMBAT is a Martial Arts-based workout that’s designed for individuals looking to boost cardio fitness and benefit from total body conditioning. 
  • BODYATTACK is a sports inspired cardio workout that builds strength and stamina. This dynamic, high-intensity program is designed to cater to a wide range of fitness levels and ages. 
  • CXWORX is a 30-minute personal training inspired strength workout. CXWORX trains the muscles of the trunk that stabilize the spine and transmit load between the upper and lower limbs.

I really liked all of the classes and had a moment where I wanted to get certified in all the things, and I was a bit bummed we don't have the programs at my location. I think a few of my Pumpers thought the same thing! Hopefully, I can make it to the other location for the classes ... if only to take them on fresh legs!

On a side note: I totally thought I was going to go for a leisurely 6-mile run Sunday afternoon to shake out the legs -  mostly for the sake of miles. I am so funny, I am. I had the post-marathon hobble as I walked to my car. I am pretty sure my fitness can survive a week of just two runs.

How was your weekend? Do you take any Les Mills classes?


  1. I do a Bodyflow class when I can work it into my schedule -- maybe twice a month. I really like the format and always feel like I've spent 55 minutes being good to myself when I do it.

    1. Oh, Bodyflow! I haven't tried that. I am not even sure we have a gym here that offers it. It's always a treat to take a class like that where it's good for mind and body.

    2. It's sort of a tai chi - yoga - Pilates mix, more yoga than anything else. With music and choreography, of course. I like the predictability of it compared to a regular yoga class (e.g. I KNOW I'll get do to some pigeon pose and hip openers, which I need, while that isn't a guarantee with other classes).

  2. Ooo, what an awesome weekend and what a fun launch! I hope your body feels back to normal today. Or at least, before you teach again :)

    Any chance they will bring the other programs to your location? Or can you teach at the other location?

    I have never tried a Les Mills class but have heard great things about them :)

    1. I think it's possible they would add the programs. I can also get the certifications and sub at the other location. I have been looking into it if only to get some CEC's!

  3. sounds like a huge success! hope you recover quickly! as a side, i ran 2.25 miles on sat and am still walking like a ran a marathon! it's ridiculous. and i, too, thought i'd run again on sunday - ha. no.

  4. I take Sh'Bam! It's super fun, and I love that the music can go from Footloose one moment to Justin Timberlake the next.

  5. I've never done les mill's but now I really want to! Looks like fun!

  6. Hi! I found your blog via Blonde Ponytail and had to comment! I am a member of the YMCA here and normally do Body Pump. I've also been doing Body Attack although I'm not a huge fan of it. I feel silly doing all the different choreographed moves and clapping... but it's a great workout!

    They aren't going to do the new Body Pump launch until the end of this month. I'm ready for something new!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I definitely agree about Attack. It's definitely hard to get down. I know I could never teach it. I don't have the coordination to skip and clap. Not at all. (Note: also why I don't do Zumba!)

      You'll love the new release. It's a lot of fun and challenging. I really like the music this round, too.