Thursday, January 24, 2013

Outtakes, 1.0

What the kitchen really looks like when I cook ...

 photo CABD792D-3562-4C83-8490-02763D71BB9D-4693-000004A672D6178D_zpse662d401.jpg

What my child looks like when he puts on his hat ... Mohawk for the win!

 photo AAAB1C97-3377-45AD-8260-3297D35078D7-4693-000004A679706B00_zps553a35a0.jpg

What breakfast looks like for my toddler ... Elmo + begging dog.

 photo 50AC487D-2DC3-4D03-93F4-EDDCC91531D2-5413-00000503D0437415_zps842bc377.jpg

And dinner. By the way, he's saying touchdown in the middle of our favorite family restaurant to the amusement of the other diners, all 60+.

 photo DDBB957B-DFA0-4E1F-A667-2A797B72EC16-5413-00000503C00C7113_zps7f73a674.jpg

A bit of inspiration from the YMCA ... for some people. I was inspired to find they had free coffee.

 photo 8E4AAA77-D4A5-4AF6-A3F3-F03AF6DB324A-5413-00000503CAC42EC4_zps1feaa7be.jpg


  1. Where did you get that hat? I love it!

    1. The hat is from Old Navy. It's supposed to be a lion, with a face on the front and a mane going across the head, but he's wearing it sideways.

  2. Is it safe to assume that the toddler is in the open cabinet? If I were a toddler, that's where I'd wanna be.

  3. HA my kitchen always looks so much worse when I am cooking ;-)