Monday, September 24, 2012

Marathon Monday: Wear it out

I am training for the Columbus Marathon and following a schedule based on the "Train Like A Mother" finish it plan. These posts document my training. 

The week, in running:

Monday: 3 miles, easy (+stroller)
Tuesday: 3 miles, easy
Thursday: 8.4 miles, negative split
Friday: 5.35 miles, easy (+stroller)
Sunday: 20 miles, long run

◊ ◊ ◊ 

It had been (what seemed like) forever since I had seen my Victorious Secret teammate C so I couldn't have been more excited to see her at the BODYPUMP launch party.

We chatted about the upcoming Fort-4-Fitness race, the lake and Miles. We also talked about Columbus. C will be running the half, and I am doing the full. She asked about training, my long runs and, most importantly, gear.

"Do you have your outfit picked out?" she inquired excitedly.

Then ... the sound of silence. Seriously, you could hear plates dropping on the floor as I searched for an answer. It seems like I have so much time to plan what I'll be wearing in 27 days but the truth of the matter is that I should have tested out my marathon outfit during yesterday's long run. After all, you never try anything new on race day.

"Not sure yet," I finally dug up. "I keep thinking that I'll get something new."

That was the plan, in my head at least ... until our dishwasher, garage door and toilet all needed to be repaired in the same week. Add in a yearly vet visit + shots, and any money that could have gone to that brand new outfit has flitted away like my train of thought.

And that's fine. For one, I don't need a new outfit for every race. Two, I can assemble a cute look at little to no cost.

For yesterday's long run, I dug out my favorite Nike capris from last year, my RnR NOLA shirt and armwarmers from the HUFF. The outfit worked well during a chilly-ish start: it wasn't too hot and I was only a bit cold; there was no chafing; and I was able to ditch the armwarmers for the last few miles.

I can make the whole thing marathon special by picking up an Another Mother Runner shirt and swapping the HUFF warmers for the Running Skirt ones my BFF gave me for Christmas last year.

The bonus to the outfit is that I ran a strong half marathon in Dearborn in the capris and felt good during my long run. It's quite possible that Nike weaves good ju-ju into its clothes.

Of course, having all of this decided hasn't stopped me from planning imaginary outfits for the race - especially when Mark sets me loose in Dick's Sporting Goods so he can look at weapons. Outfits that would get me noticed.

I'm pretty sure this outfit was made for me ... not. I love Nike but I'm pretty sure my thighs would rub off if I attempted this. And, to add insult to injury, Mark didn't realize I was JOKING when I had this hanging from the cart. Does he even know me?

Nike Women's Twisted Running Capri and Pro-Fitted V-Neck Shirt

My running friends have always been happy when I wear brightly colored outfits that stand out. It makes it easier to spot me for cheering and photographing purposes! Orange is also a favorite color and the gray top is classic.

Nike Fast Pace Run Shirt, Twisted Running Capri and Dri-FIT Feather Lite Cap

OK, this might not stand out but the long-sleeve shirt is light weight and I think wearing a hat always makes you look bad ass. It's also the colors (orange and blue) of the Columbus Marathon.

Before I could do too much damage, Miles started checking out the Honey Stinger Waffles and chasing balls. The bouncy kind. The outfits went back on the rack and I went back to my marathon outfit. It's cute and practical, and it's special because it will take me across the finish line at the 26.2-mile mark.

Weigh in: Do you get a new look for a new race?


  1. Nope. I'd love to, but I generally just wear what works. For the last marathon I wore a race tshirt (April 2012) and shorts I've had since 2005 (seriously). My socks were new, but only because I desperately needed new socks. Headband from 2010.

  2. Nope. I get new outfits for training to keep things fun and give me something to look forward to. Then I know what fits and what can go the distance for a big race.

  3. Woo woo, 20 miles!

    I always want something new for race day. For some reason I always want to match and look cute. As if I would ever look cute after 26.2 miles. I mean come on.

    I picked up the Nike tank I wore for my run yesterday a few weeks ago. I've now tried it on two long runs...definitely wearing it for the marathon.

  4. I've done both. Chicago (if it isn't freezing) will be a new outfit, so me and my sis can match. But usually I'm with Pharmie - I get new stuff during training, and then I'm covered on race day, no matter the weather...

  5. I like to have "new to racing" outfits for big events (first half, first marathon, etc) but I buy the pieces and use them while I am training. I love the outfit you have put together for Columbus.

    Also, super cute picture of you and "C" :)

  6. I usually don't because I'm scared I wont like the way they fit. I like to get new outfits and try them out ahead of time though. And I can't wear shorts to run period.

  7. I do sometimes get a new outfit but my best races are in tried and true race wear.