Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When in doubt, go shopping

There are things I wish I could do.

I wish I could run in the morning and have time to properly style hair. I wish I could wear high heels without wanting to throw them across the room after 30 minutes. And I wish I could trust adults to, well, act like adults.

My tweet says it all. Or all that I can really say.

I don't really do well with bad work days or stress in general, and it's my first instinct to think about food. I just dealt with this horrible situation so I think I earned Peanut M&Ms. I'm having a terrible day; I think Mark should bring me an iced coffee. I want to physically maim someone - I wonder if German chocolate funnel cake would take the edge off.

By the way, there is such a thing as German chocolate funnel cake and it is less than a mile from my office right now. And it's $2 Tuesday. But I resist ... and digress.

While food can be comforting, shopping can be just as therapeutic. I often used to wander the mall in Sandusky, Ohio, on my bad days. I didn't necessarily buy anything but there was comfort in feeling the clothes between my fingers and the accent lights never failed to shift the mood. Heading out to the mall at 11 a.m. on a workday when I should have been working is bad practice so I did what any cubicle dweller would do:

I web browsed. Quite literally.

I looked at gear and shoes and though I had the urge to max out my credit card, I emptied my shopping cart before heading onto a new "store." Here are some of the things I found and am loving.

Nike printed Tempo shorts
Nike Dri-FIT Glam-It Indy tank
Nike Pro Core Subliminated Workout Bra
Nike Free 3.0 Women's Running Shoes

lululemon run for your money tank - I think I tried this on in Boulder but I let Mark dissuade me from getting it.

Columbus Marathon in training shirt. I think it might help guilt me into some runs when I think dropping down to the half seems like a good idea.

I love pretty much anything at Banana Republic but this outfit spoke to me. I love the crop pants and need a pair in black to go with this shirt I got at Kohl's over the weekend. I also like the other pieces and the overall versatility of them.

Shampure from Aveda. This is my go-to shampoo and though a bit pricey, it goes a long way and is worth the splurge. I'm out right now and have been forced to use trial-size bottles I've picked up at hotels. We have a new Aveda Experience store set to open this summer, and I'm trying to hold out in the event they have some kick ass deals. And samples. I like samples.

What are you loving?


  1. I am loving those orange Nike shoes! I need some new shoes and that is my favorite color! I am loving the swimsuits at Hapari.com and am in desperate need of a new one, my old one is a bit stretched out since I wore it during my last preg and gained 60lbs!

  2. I heart internet shopping. except I have no self control and often end up buying things I shouldn't.

  3. I'm not a big shopper myself, but I've been on the lookout for some new running gear. I need to branch out of the same colors of black and blue.

  4. I love the whole Nike outfit! I also love everything at Banana! We used to live less than 30 minutes from an outlet... I miss it!

  5. I like your way of thinking!! :0) Cute stuff....and I especially love Banana, too!

  6. I used to online shop like you (not buy) all the time when I was stressed or just over my old job. Then I got laid off and that all stopped...hahaha. No stress, no online shopping..go figure. That banana outfit is so cute and I love all things Lululemon. I am loving all things neon for running. I love the neon shoes this year and I am dying for a neon shirt. I think you deserve that marathon in training shirt for your 1st marathon. I got one for my 1st and I still wear it all the time.

  7. I spen my day eShopping too! It does make you feel so much better

  8. Love me some Aveda! The Rosemary/peppermint shower gel and lotion are my reward for 10+ miles. I NEED that Lulu top. I've got the matching capris. Super cute. Yay for Columbus! I ran it in 2009 and have fond memories.

  9. Mmm, Shampure. Love that stuff. Think Aveda will sponsor our Gala Getaway?

    Now I see why my Mizuno tweet was such a taunt yesterday. Sorry, homie. At least you cleared out your cart before leaving each store.

    I'm loving colored pants lately! Those yellow ones are super cute.