Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rock it out

You know what happens when you get called out of bed at 5:45 a.m. on a Sunday?

A lot.

By 7 a.m., you'll have fed the baby, fed yourself, fed the dog, paged through the Target ad from the Sunday paper and made a pot of coffee.

Oh, and you'll have spent 20 minutes of your life (which you can never get back) watching an infomercial for the Rhythm Rocker.

Just what you need, right?

The Rhythm Rocker is a crunching, rolling workout system that promises to help you "melt away" weight. It allows "you to create your own level of resistance by leveraging your body weight against the tilting action of the seat."

Or, from my perspective, it allows you to learn how to give a lap dance. Just what everyone should be thinking about at 7 a.m.

I'm sexy and I know it/ I'm sexy and I know it/Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah /Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah /Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah /Do the wiggle yeah

Of course, this is coming from the girl who spent too much cash on the Carmen Electra Strip Aerobics DVD set. I hang my head in shame - especially because I used it all of five times. I just felt sort of silly gyrating in the living room of my empty apartment.

And I think that's what will happen with the Rhythm Rocker. Iit seems like one will seem turbo awesome when you're sleep deprived and feeding a 6-month-old but when you bust it out, it all seems a bit hokey. And you won't even dare try to use it in front of your husband for fear of being laughed at (or allowing him to get the wrong idea). It will sit in the living room for a few weeks, becoming a spot to stack diapers and eventually it will go in the basement next to the deep freeze full of Lean Cuisines.

If you use it, though, I'm sure it will work. Why don't you give it a try for three payments of $33 and let me know how it works out?

As for me? I'll be spending my $100 on Body Pump, drop-in Zumba classes and a new pair of gym sneakers (not running shoes - they are different).

What about you? Have you ever ordered a fitness system online? How did it work out?


  1. Without a doubt, you've accomplished more before 7:00 a.m today than I will ALL day long! Yes - I'm going to be a big couch potato today!

    Ummm, I'm goign to take factoids about Healthystrides I didn't know for $300, Alex . . . strip aerobics? OHHH so that explains your awesome Zumba rhythm - ha!

    Never ordered anything, but have bought plenty of things at sports stores that may or may not have actually been as great as they seemed at the time.

    Yay to Zumba and Body Pump and gym sneakers - those are way more fun anyway!

  2. I didn't order anything off of the tv, but after seeing an infomercial for The Firm workout video's I went out and bought the "Fanny Lifter" and 3 of their DVD's. I have actually used them a lot in the past, but once I started memorizing the dialogue and music, I got sick of it. I do much better with the gym where I get variety.
    I always wanted a magic Bullet after seeing those informercials as well. I will fully admit that I am quite the sucker. Luckily my husband is not, and can put the kibosh on a lot of unnecessary purchases!

  3. I have tons of the dvd workouts. I too am hanging my head in shame on the Carmen Electra strip tease work out. I have The Firm with the steps somewhere in the basement. I have P90x in the closet. That one is actually good, I'm just not in shape enough to get through it yet. Hopefully soon. I love the KempoX DVD for some cardio when I don't feel like the tread mill.

  4. I am new here, but can't resist sharing that I bought Tae-bo. Unfortunately, I am not a bit coordinated and couldn't master any of the moves. I lost interest in about a week. Finally gave it to Goodwill. I am sure someone thought they were really lucky to buy it there!

  5. I am guilty of those Carmen Electra DVDs too LOL

  6. In college I had a Thighmaster,worked out to Cindy Crawfords tapes and bought some step and slide nonsense off the home shopping network. It had booties for your feet shoes and you did some sort of speed skating motion.

    Cindy's tapes were well used the others not so much.

  7. This is the one and only time that I will admit to also having purchased the Carmen Electra DVD's (I'm in time out now). And that chick looked like she was having a little too national TV :)

  8. Oh boy, so embarrassing: I've purchased the Slim in 6 DVDs more years ago than I've used them, and the Red Exerciser (retail, PLUS shipping to Hawaii - expensive!). I now use THAT as a chair at my kitchen island. I also picked up a Yoga Booty Ballet DVD at a yard sale. Used that once or twice - guess I feel too old to be doing some of those moves! Now I have The Biggest Loser for the Xbox. sigh... best laid plans.....