Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flaking out

It's official: Winter has arrived.

After flirting with us, with its chilly temperatures and dusting of snow, Old Man Winter dropped 4 or so inches of snow on Fort Wayne.

It was quite a beautiful sight ... until I realized that the snow could very much bury my plans.

L and I were all set to go for our weekly Body Pump class, with a side of Zumba because we're crazy like that, but I wasn't so sure about the gym. I had seen cancellation after cancellation scroll across the bottom of the TV the night before and it would be just my luck that my baby-free workout would be snowed out.

"What are you going to do?" Mark asked as I fretted about the living room.

I ran through my options - go to the grocery and hope for a run later, lie on the couch or pull one of my exercise DVDs and head down to the basement.

Let's see ... You know as much as I LOVE the grocery, I figured that I could at least do something for a half  hour. Before I had to convince myself that yes, I could do Bob Harper's "Total Body Transformation" for the second time this week (it kicks my butt every time), I realized that nothing was canceled this morning.

Body Pump and Zumba it would be after all.

The classes were a bit smaller than usual, no doubt because the neighborhood roads were still yucky, but they were fun nonetheless. Lunge track killed me, I remembered not to go crazy on the weights during biceps and I managed to do one real push-up.

Oh, I even think I had the hang of Zumba ... for about 5 minutes.

How is your weekend shaping up?


  1. I saw the article about you on Yahoo. I'm very inspired by fact, after seeing it and reading your blog, I started my own Blogspot blog! I need to lose about 60 lbs and I'm a LOT older than you are, so it's even harder for me...thanks for the boost in motivation!

  2. I haven't gotten any exercise in this weekend. I have been pretty productive around the house though.. lots of cleaning and organizing! And celebrating, Hubby's birthday is tomorrow so thats been fun.

    I have 6-8 miles planned tomorrow - praying I can find a trail or sidewalks that have been plowed because I don't have the necessary supplies for a run in the snow yet!

    I am excited for you and the recognition you are getting for your weight loss, its definitely an inspiration!

  3. Yep, winter is here. The snow is pretty but it's definitely messing with my running plans! Glad you were able to do some indoor workouts- thats pretty much going to be my solution on many of these blisters winter days.

  4. How did I miss this post? Shameful follower - wet noodle beating headed my way. BP & Zumba - heck yeah girl!!! It's our Saturday th-ang!

  5. zumba is great to do, i go to a weekly night class definatly get a workout.