Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday love: The Love Edition

Last night, as I was working on a project, Mark asked me if I was finished with my tea (Tazo caffeine-free Passion, if you are interested). I told him no. I wanted to put in more water and reuse the bag for a second mug.

One minute and 30 seconds later, I had a hot, watered-down beverage. And I didn’t even ask Mark to make it for me.

You see, he’s really good at doing things like that. Making me tea and charging my cell phone and putting my soda fix in the fridge to chill – all without asking. And while I’d love a pretty pendant from Tiffany & Co., I know the little stuff adds up. It’s as if he’s given me a stack of Tiffany Celebration rings … except not.

So, in honor of his awesomeness and, you know, Valentine’s Day, here’s some Friday love, lovey style.

janelle This photo, well the shoot, was a Valentine’s gift in 2008.

Food. There are a few things I make for Mark when I want him to know I really like him. Penne with vodka cream sauce, chocolate raspberry cake and peanut butter bars. In fact, I made a billion and one peanut butter bars for our wedding to serve as favors. I thought about making a batch this weekend but I have something else in store for him. I would tell you but that means I would tell him and then it wouldn’t be a surprise. I promise to share later, along with the recipe for the peanut butter bars.

Fitness. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. Mark was a huge motivator for me when it came to running. He’s been a runner since he could move his legs and I was always jealous. He ran-walked with me when I got started and encouraged me to run my first 5K. In total, we’ve done five races together and the ones where we stick it together are always so rewarding. For me, at least. He might have been bored going so slow – you’ll have to ask him.

Life. Because we’re such an awesome couple (cue eye rolling), I bet you think we have hot plans this weekend. And, we do … if you count a second showing on a house, grilled cheese sandwiches and redboxing “Paranormal Activity 2.” Don’t feel bad for me, though, because we’re saving the celebration for Tuesday. I have a 4 p.m. doc appointment at which time we’ll get to see this little one in action – and whether we’ll be going with a purple and green nursery or a khaki and brown one!!! To celebrate the sea monkey’s “goods,” we’re going to dinner at Red Lobster – Mark’s favorite splurge spot.

Do you have hot plans for Valentine’s?

Walk on by

Workout: 15 minutes upper body with 5-pound weights and GMA and 3.23-mile run

I woke up with two thoughts.

"Wow, I feel really tired."

"Wow, I am incredibly hungry."

Those two things lead to another thought ... "I don't want to go to IPFW to run."

And while I knew I should run, the hunger part won out. I am pregnant, you know, and you never deny a pregnant lady food. I made myself a delicious breakfast - eggs in a nest and veggie links - and enjoyed "Good Morning America" as I sipped my half-caff coffee.

I picked up my weights and did some curls, kickbacks and shoulder raises. I checked the weather to make sure it was warm enough to walk Denali. Score! A whopping 16 degrees and 7 degrees warmer than yesterday's high, by the way. So I plotted how long I could hang around before walking him when I realized something.

I didn't want to walk. I wanted to run.

Sure, this posed some complications. OK, just one. I was already pushing the clock and running means I would have to wash my hair before work. Boo. Would I have time? With a blast from the past, pre-pregnant Kim decided that it didn't matter. A run was better than looking good at work.

I suited up quickly, dusted off the Garmin and leashed up Denali, who was quite grateful for the decision. It wasn't a pleasant run - I fell in the first 100 yards because exuberant D-boy took a corner too fast and part of the route was a bit bumpy with snow and ice - but it felt so good.

I felt like me again. No Lazy McGee, here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday

"Bless your heart. You look SO cold."

Thanks, lady in the hallway at the campus student center for the blessing. I always like and appreciate nice people.

And, yes, I am cold. It's -11 outside and I have sweat pouring down my face from a mediocre 3-mile run on the treadmill. I bet my eyelashes are going to freeze, and I'm going to have to pry open my eyelids so I can drive home.

I love winter. I love winter. I love winter.


1. This morning, I woke up and got dressed for my run. I made myself get dressed so that when I saw the temperature I wouldn't talk myself out of going to the campus fitness center for a run. So in my RnR Chicago shirt, which fits much better now that I've got an extra 12 pounds in the middle, and capris, I ate my oatmeal and drank a cup of coffee. I was going to run.

2. And then I turned on the TV. The local news ticker said it was -11 outside. I couldn't go out in -11. I couldn't. It would be wrong. I told Mark who, at that time, was on a 2-hour delay that I was staying home. I would work out at home. Jackie Warner - You. Me. Sweat session.

3. But as I ate my oatmeal, I knew that by punking out, I would disappoint myself. I made myself - and you - a promise to run this week. And by gosh, I was going to go. So I threw on my coat, grabbed a scarf and left. And, surprisingly, I didn't freeze upon contact with the frigid air and I was still able to run. It was a slow 3 miles on the treadmill but it was 3 miles more than I had planned just 20 minutes before. Go me!

Would you stay inside if it was -11 outside?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hear you, universe

Workout: 30 minutes strength, courtesy of OnDemand

Do you ever wonder what the universe is telling you? I swear this morning that it was telling me to stay home, skip yoga and eat pizza. I'm serious.

And this message after yesterday? UNIVERSE!

I woke up this morning, ate my breakfast, read blogs and mentally prepared myself for yoga. I was going to go. But first, I wanted to check the schedule to make sure our arctic temps didn't cause cancellations. I logged in and saw class was on. Phew!

Then ... then, I noticed something. I wasn't paid up. I couldn't take the class. You see, I thought I signed up for an automatic month-to-month membership. Not so much. Signed up for just a month and since last month, the cost has gone up 10 percent. Ouch. Let's just say I might not be a studio yogi anymore.

But I moved on. I did a heart-pumping OnDemand selection that focused on strength moves with bursts of cardio. I sweat. I felt my muscles. Life was good.

After taking a shower, I went in the kitchen to prep my lunch. One problem: My faux crab mysteriously disappeared from the fridge. How can I do a Cali wrap with no crab? Not gonna happen. But I moved on, scoured the fridge for possibilities and made myself a pizza quesadilla with a light tortilla, mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperoni with pizza sauce on the side for dipping. Yes, all of those things are in my fridge. And yes, it tasted good.

So let's check in ... today, I've managed to divert to crises AND I also received a Stylish Blogger nod from Amber.

Stylish Award rules:
*Link back to the awarder
*Share seven things about myself
*Award 5 great bloggers

1. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school and secretly loved having to wear a uniform and not having boys around.
2. I talk to my grandma every day. She's pretty awesome, and I like her. After all, she was nice enough to let me live with her from age 15 until I got a job and an apartment.
3. I have a sick obsession with Angry Birds.
4. I've always loved to bake and, pre-Healthy Strides, had dreams of opening up my own bakery. Sadly, my mind doesn't conjure up cupcakes the way it used to and it now thinks of running.
5. I hope to run a marathon in 2012.
6. I have the most horrible singing voice on the planet. If I auditioned for "American Idol," I'd be the one who made it to the judges just so I could be made fun of on live television.
7. I love "junk" candy - conversation hearts, Peeps, marshmallow santas. Last night, I asked Mark for a ring pop.

Awardees: Any 5 who want to do it and comment on this post letting me know :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lazy McGee

Workout: 2.2-mile walk with Denali

I feel like a sloth. A congested, hard of hearing sloth.

The facts:

I have Mark's cold from last week and spent much of yesterday on the couch. I got up to eat and go to the bathroom and go to the bathroom and eat.

My head is congested, my nose is runny and my ears are clogged.

The thought of leaving my bed, much less the house, to do anything makes me groan.

I have not run once in February. (In my defense, there are 15 inches of snow on the ground and not all paths are clear.)

I have not had a real cardio workout either.

I know I have to change these things.

But our forecast this week is not making this appealing.

Even if I pay to use the college fitness center, I still have to go outside in below zero temperatures.

But I am going to. I am making a commitment to myself - and you.

I will go to yoga tomorrow and Thursday.

I will run Thursday and Friday.

I will try to squeeze in some miles Sunday before yoga.

I will. I will. I will.

I will because I don't like me, me how I feel as a sloth.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my winter blues.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cool front

Please don’t hate on my coolness.


Yesterday – Saturday – I got to wake up at 6:30 a.m. so I could judge the spelling bee. What can I say … I have an inability to say no when asked by my boss and I am easily bribed by the words “free,” “doughnuts” and “lunch,” especially if they are all in the same sentence.

And, yes, I ate a doughnut. Two, actually. It seems I also have the inability to say no to jelly goodness from the Dunkin’ gods. Thank goodness, I can still say no to hamburgers and fries and still pick soup and salad at restaurants. Life’s all about balance. Right? right!

Adding to the weekend fun was more snow – 4 or so inches this time – and 1+hours of shoveling between Saturday and Sunday; the cold that my husband was so generous as to give me; and more house hunting.

Anyone care for a house with carpet on the front porch and in the kitchen?

P1000446 P1000451

How about a house with an updated kitchen and the teeniest sink on the planet?

P1000509 P1000510

Or the foreclosed house in an awesome neighborhood that has no appliances and a wet bar in the living room?

P1000498 P1000500

Next week, we’re looking at four of our faves – and bringing Mark’s parents. Should be a rockin’ good time.

201010649P1000486 P1000495  P1000505