Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday love: The Love Edition

Last night, as I was working on a project, Mark asked me if I was finished with my tea (Tazo caffeine-free Passion, if you are interested). I told him no. I wanted to put in more water and reuse the bag for a second mug.

One minute and 30 seconds later, I had a hot, watered-down beverage. And I didn’t even ask Mark to make it for me.

You see, he’s really good at doing things like that. Making me tea and charging my cell phone and putting my soda fix in the fridge to chill – all without asking. And while I’d love a pretty pendant from Tiffany & Co., I know the little stuff adds up. It’s as if he’s given me a stack of Tiffany Celebration rings … except not.

So, in honor of his awesomeness and, you know, Valentine’s Day, here’s some Friday love, lovey style.

janelle This photo, well the shoot, was a Valentine’s gift in 2008.

Food. There are a few things I make for Mark when I want him to know I really like him. Penne with vodka cream sauce, chocolate raspberry cake and peanut butter bars. In fact, I made a billion and one peanut butter bars for our wedding to serve as favors. I thought about making a batch this weekend but I have something else in store for him. I would tell you but that means I would tell him and then it wouldn’t be a surprise. I promise to share later, along with the recipe for the peanut butter bars.

Fitness. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. Mark was a huge motivator for me when it came to running. He’s been a runner since he could move his legs and I was always jealous. He ran-walked with me when I got started and encouraged me to run my first 5K. In total, we’ve done five races together and the ones where we stick it together are always so rewarding. For me, at least. He might have been bored going so slow – you’ll have to ask him.

Life. Because we’re such an awesome couple (cue eye rolling), I bet you think we have hot plans this weekend. And, we do … if you count a second showing on a house, grilled cheese sandwiches and redboxing “Paranormal Activity 2.” Don’t feel bad for me, though, because we’re saving the celebration for Tuesday. I have a 4 p.m. doc appointment at which time we’ll get to see this little one in action – and whether we’ll be going with a purple and green nursery or a khaki and brown one!!! To celebrate the sea monkey’s “goods,” we’re going to dinner at Red Lobster – Mark’s favorite splurge spot.

Do you have hot plans for Valentine’s?


  1. How many weeks are you? I'm curious how long til we find out what colors we'll be sporting!

    Our Valentine's is going ot be lowkey, too. Ice cream, dinner at home, movie. Peaceful!

  2. I love me some good Friday! Can't wait to hear about the secret sweet treat! Have a fun weekend!