Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lazy McGee

Workout: 2.2-mile walk with Denali

I feel like a sloth. A congested, hard of hearing sloth.

The facts:

I have Mark's cold from last week and spent much of yesterday on the couch. I got up to eat and go to the bathroom and go to the bathroom and eat.

My head is congested, my nose is runny and my ears are clogged.

The thought of leaving my bed, much less the house, to do anything makes me groan.

I have not run once in February. (In my defense, there are 15 inches of snow on the ground and not all paths are clear.)

I have not had a real cardio workout either.

I know I have to change these things.

But our forecast this week is not making this appealing.

Even if I pay to use the college fitness center, I still have to go outside in below zero temperatures.

But I am going to. I am making a commitment to myself - and you.

I will go to yoga tomorrow and Thursday.

I will run Thursday and Friday.

I will try to squeeze in some miles Sunday before yoga.

I will. I will. I will.

I will because I don't like me, me how I feel as a sloth.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my winter blues.


  1. Feel better!

    I hear you on the winter blues. Can it just be 40? Even that would be fantastic!

  2. you are NOT alone. and for the record, pregnancy for me equalled sinus/head crud. not sure why, but there you have it. it's miserable, I know...

  3. I'm with you... and I don't have a baby brewing inside of me. I need to get out there and run, but the thought of putting on cold-weather gear and trudging through the snow makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

    I'm ready for Spring. I hope that dang rat, I mean, groundhog is right this year.

  4. So not alone! I am ready for Spring!!!

    EP actually made the NBC nightly news yesterday because we are not equipped for this type of weather.

    Go You this week!

  5. I was completely there ALL of January. I was sick for 2 weeks recently and all I could do was sleep, drink, and pee. After I got over the virus, all the lack of motivation faded away. You got this. One workout at a time, one step at a time. I believe in you!

  6. I am SO ready for spring! And sometimes you should just listen to the universe and take a day off. Feel better soon!