Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIAW: What's left to give

Move that body: 2-mile walk with my boys


Just the sound of that word would make my nose turn up and my mouth grimace as a child. "We're having leftovers? Really? UGH! I hate you, Mom!"

God, I was insufferable.

Maybe I just didn't like my mom's cooking enough to eat it a second time or I really did believe that mothers were superheroes and were able to work 40 hours, play chauffeur to sports-playing children and get dinner on the table.

Now I know that, quite possibly, my mom just needed a break to, you know, brush her teeth. I know that's what I do when I have a free minute. I now plan for leftovers - and eat them. I make big slow cooker meals to carry me through work lunches and one night a week is always designated for leftovers. If I'm feeling super inventive, I plan a double-duty dinner where it might be spaghetti and meatballs one night and meatball subs another.

That was not the case this week.

The eats


Pancakes "stuffed" with pumpkin fluff. Oh, fluff, how I've missed thee.


Leftover Kahlua pork in a whole wheat wrap with rice, teriyake sauce and pineapple salsa. Check out the plastic fork - I know how to keep it classy!

Slow cooker potato soup with cheese, bacon and green onions. Oh, and a dollop of sour cream. (Note: If you use that recipe, which I did, be sure to use an immersion blender just before serving. No one likes a super chunky potato soup.)

How often do you eat leftovers?


  1. I don't eat leftovers very often, but only by default because Blake takes them for lunch and we generally don't have enough leftover for both of us!

    Your potato soup looks delicious! :)

  2. Me too, my husband beats me to the leftovers all the time!

    I definitely have to start scheduling a leftover night at home. Yet another way I'm turning into my parents :)

  3. I meal plan as well. Being a working mom, wife, and mother to 4 I need to plan meals for my own sanity. And I too plan a "left over" meal one night per week. I look forward to those nights where I know all I have to do is warm something up, no chopping and dicing and baking. I also plan those easy nights around nights where I know we have more to do. It helps me avoid the McDonald's drive thru!

  4. That potato soup looks yummy! I know you love your pumpkin fluff filling - it seems like it's been a long time since it's been featured on your blog.

    My husband isn't a fan of leftovers so . . . we don't eat them very often (sigh). I, however, enjoy leftovers if dinner was great the night before.

  5. Has anyone tried the pumpkin fluff pie? How yummy to use pumpkin and cheesecake pudding. I may have to try that.

    My husband is not a fan of leftovers but when he's gone we have them quite a bit.

  6. umm yum, why is it that your leftovers look better than my originals?? I definitely want to sample from all your meals. I don't eat leftovers as much as I should. Certain things I never let waste, but a lot of the time, I save them and then realize too late and have to toss them.

  7. I too used to HATE leftover night as a kid, but now I LOVE them! I eat leftovers every day for lunch!

    I'm making crockpot potato soup too this weekend to have for lunches next week! Your's looks great!