Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Say cheese!

According to my eating plan for the day, my breakfast was supposed to be French toast made with a cinnamon-raisin English muffin (Operation: COP) with a side of cheesy scrambled egg whites.

Instead, my breakfast was just the French toast.

Doesn't it look lovely? I am so glad no one can see how badly I need to clean the stove.

I just didn't feel like cracking the eggs ... and cooking the eggs ... and having syrup get all over my eggs. Gross, just gross. Sort of like the sugar-free syrup that I'm trying to use up before I crack open the organic maple syrup I bought at the farmers market this past weekend. Dern that Operation: Clean Out the Pantry.

While my breakfast was lovely, it was lacking something important, something I planned. PROTEIN. Protein is key, for me, to staying full and I knew the French toast and Diet Coke (don't judge - it was a bad morning) wasn't going to hold me till noon. I knew I had to run to the store for lemons before work so I figured I might pick up a container of Greek yogurt. (More on the lemons later ... like tomorrow.)

Once in the store, though, I was distracted by the posted weekly circular. As part of the 10 for $10 sale was sour cream and cottage cheese. I didn't want much to do with the sour cream but the cottage cheese ... well, I hadn't thought about cottage cheese in ages. Sad really. It's such a good source of protein, always on sale and very versatile. Never mind that it's DELICIOUS.

I had to pick some up, and I took a 1/2 cup serving to work as a nice mid-morning snack to replace my egg whites. I topped it with some red bell pepper rings and had myself a little protein-packed treat.

Do you have a favorite food that tends to slip your mind when you go to the grocery?

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