Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yes, I'd like cheese with this whine

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast with Polaner High-Fiber Orange Marmalade and cinnamon roast coffee. (Are you sick of this combo yet because I am. I desperately need to finish all of it - even the coffee beans - so I can get something new and interesting.)
Workout: Ran 5.04 miles in 48 minutes, 19 seconds; average pace, 9:35. Made-up upper-body workout.

My run was a big, fat flop. I was tired. The dog was tired. I was hot. The dog was hot. My legs were still sore, I got a cramp and I wanted to go home and take a nap.

I could go on about how much this stunk but I hate being a whiner. At least when it comes to running. So I'll whine about some random sightings from this jaunt.
  • Waiting for a green light, a driver stared at Denali and me as we walked our warm-up. Maybe we were quite the sight but the driver ... well, he was a LARGE man, wearing no shirt and smoking a cigarette. Yeah, just stare at me as we walk. We're the spectacle.
  • As we made our way around the towpath, Denali and I found ourselves in the middle of a corporate-type walk or scavenger hunt or team building exercise. Everyone was really friendly as we crashed the party and showed lots of love for D-boy.
  • Still on the path, which winds through a college campus and behind an apartment complex, I was not a fan of the owner of the loose dog. Don't let a dog out unattended and untethered if it will leave its appropriate area. The boxer followed us and whimpered as he smelled Denali's butt.
  • There were quite the unpersonable construction workers on the trail. I noted that I was going to squeeze behind them to continue on, only to be stopped a mere few feet later at a blockade. They looked at me with such distaste as I made my way behind them again but never said anything. I wouldn't have annoyed you if you had simply noted that the trail was closed.
After plodding my way through the 5 miles (as opposed to the 7 I had planned to do), I grabbed my weights and did a short workout while I watched last night's "The City." As Olivia rocked out Tokyo, I rocked out my arms. I did three sets of 12 reps of the following: bent-over row, tricep kickback, shoulder press, hammer curl, alternating lateral raise, tricep extension, chest fly, chest press and wide-grip bicep curl. For the first two sets, I used 5-pound weights and then upped the ante with 10-pounders for the last set.

Have a great Wednesday!

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