Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Things Thursday: Simple pleasures

I can be a real grump sometimes. A lot of the times, it seems lately. It's so easy to stumble over the little things and let them upset us rather than take the time to let the little things make us happy.

Today, I'm going to let the little things make me happy.

1. Rest. I didn't run today. I didn't swim, either. Nor did I lift a weight, get in downward dog, hop on a bike. I woke up an hour later than normal, had a bowl of cereal and took Denali on a 2-mile walk. I have a hard time letting myself rest but I needed this one, and I am far happier for it.

What a (not-so) lovely shot. Getting ready for work, flat-ironing my hair
and drinking my icy blueberry lemonade.

2. Berry, berry good
. I usually take a refreshing beverage to work with me - whether it be a homemade smoothie, frap or a coffee-shop beverage. Today, it was an icy blueberry lemonade. I got the idea from a post on The Girl Who Ate Everything. I took 1 cup of blueberries, the juice of one lemon and three packets of Truvia and threw it all in the blender. (See, I remembered to tell you about the lemons!) After I had a good puree, I added a cup of water and ton of ice and let it go ... again. Delish. It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet, nor overwhelmingly lemon like lemonade usually is. Be warned, though, this recipe makes two servings. I enjoyed some as I got ready for work and had the rest on the drive to the office.

Don't you just love that polka dot ribbon?!

3. Flower power. There's an asiatic lily blossoming in my backyard. I've been meaning to cut it and take it to the office. I figured the beautiful aroma would subdue me if I had the urge to stumble over something small (or punch someone in the mouth). I thought of doing it this afternoon as I headed back to work after my lunch break but was in too much of a rush to go back into the house for a vase. No worries, though. I returned to my cubicle to find a pink, yellow and white arrangement sitting on my desk. "Just because" flowers from my husband. They don't have the strong scent of the lily but they are far more beautiful in looks and meaning. Made me happy all afternoon.

Do you take pleasure in the little things?

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