Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hair apparent

Pre-workout fuel: 1 slice whole-wheat toast with smear of peanut butter and Polaner High-Fiber Orange Marmalade and cup of cinnamon roast coffee
Workout: Ran 4.65 miles in 42 minutes, 21 seconds; average pace, 9:06. 2o minutes of "Tank Top Arms" with Cindy Whitemarsh

If there is anything I hate more than running in the thick humidity of this heat wave, it's running with a sweat-drenched pony tail hanging down my back.

Enter the best running hair. Eva.

I parted my hair down the middle and french braided to ear level. At that point, I pulled it up into a messy bun on each side. It's like hippie meets Princess Leia. (I didn't braid any farther down my head because my layered cut causes the braid to fall out.)

It's a super sexy look, as evidenced by my facial expression. OK, the facial expression was determination in trying to get a view of the style in the mirror.

Denali was not amused by any of this, and he waited anxiously for us to set out for a 5+ mile run.

At least 5+ miles was the plan. About 5 minutes in, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Not because I didn't think my still-sore legs could carry me that far. No, they could. The humidity was thick, and I could see Denali sweltering and panting heavily. Dogs can become severely overheated, which could cause a medical emergency. A couple extra miles isn't worth endangering my dog's health.

So we plodded along an amended route, my buns bopping up and down with each footstep. They stayed secure, for the most part, and I found it to be a comfortable style.

I didn't pass many runners this morning so I have no idea whether the style garners funny looks or those of admiration. Maybe I'll have to try it out for Saturday's 5K ...

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