Friday, June 18, 2010

Repeat after me

Workout: ~0.5-mile repeats along Forest Park Boulevard
4.82 miles in 44:14, average pace 9:10
Pre-run fuel: French toast coffee and slice of wheat toast topped with peanut butter and a smidge of blackberry all-fruit

The dog began to stir at 6:30 a.m., ready for his trip outside and a big bowl of Kibble. I begrudgingly got up, threw on a shirt and got him ready for the morning. I had intended to go back to bed for a half-hour but I decided to check my e-mail, then start the coffee and then it made no sense to go back to bed.

I enjoyed my coffee and slice of toast all the while dreading what I had planned: half-mile repeats.

While most of my running is focused on training for the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago half-marathon, I have hopes of killing a 5K next month. Like, really killing it. I ran this race two years ago and crossed the finish line in 38:50 - great for me then, not so great for me now. (Because of a route mishap at a 5K in March, it stands as my PR.) I have a magic number in mind, and I know that I need to work on speed to get there.

I brought my husband with me, knowing that he could and would set the pace for the repeats. We headed at a slow pace to a gorgeous stretch of boulevard in our neighborhood that is about 1 mile when you run the loop. And then came the torture. The first repeat was tough (8:34 pace). I couldn't wait to get to the turnaround so we could slow up. The second repeat was tougher (8:30 pace), and I used an allergy cough as an excuse to stop. The third - more of the same, just a bit faster (8:24 pace).

After the third repeat, we doubled the recovery period so that we could really run the last half-mile home. I like to finish strong. It's just me. And I finished strong - even though I wanted to stop and cry. It was my fastest repeat at an 8:06 pace.

Follow-up: Holy, Batman! I am SORE. Between the abbreviated "No More Trouble Zones" and the Tank Top Arms workout, my upper body is one tight ball of pain. The entire upper body. Chest, triceps, biceps. Oh, and the shoulders. Goodness, the shoulders. I'm thinking of purchasing "NMTZ" and trying it more consistently though I may wait until after the half Aug. 1.

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