Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hungry like the wolf

It was about 12:30 p.m. when the post long-run hunger set in. Time for lunch! (Who cares if breakfast was just two hours earlier?)

I started off with a homemade black bean and corn salad atop a bed of lettuce and served with salsa, homemade guacamole and a toasted tortilla. Umm, yeah, I also added some cheese to that tortilla. It was super delish! The black bean and corn salad was super easy to make - a can of black beans, 1 cup of frozen corn and chopped red bell pepper, red onion half a jalapeno and a handful of cilantro.

After lunch, I played some Wii (don't judge!) and decided it was time to eat again. I had an apple and a small peanut butter cookie. More relaxing ensued and a small nap. I woke up and decided it was time to eat another snack, this time choosing some leftover grilled squash and zucchini. I feel like I can eat forever on the days when I run more than 10 miles. I just try to focus on eating filling foods and getting in my fruits and veggies. Probably should have had some more protein, maybe some almonds.

Dinner was a turkey brat, served on a light bun, with low-fat mac and cheese, sauerkraut and steamed broccoli. The brat came from the butcher just up the road, and it was made with spinach and some peppers. It definitely had some kick and a lot of flavor, and I think I liked it more than just your regular, fat-filled brat.

Now it's time to settle in for the night - with some ice cream and popcorn - and get ready for the "Next Food Network Star."

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