Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day in the Life {April 2016}

Here's a look at how we spent last Wednesday, April 27. Si is just over a year, Miles is nearly 5 and we're still in the daycare-school-gym-work hustle.

{4:24 a.m.} The alarm goes off. I trod to Si's room as I silence the noise. The plan was to dream feed him but he's making noise. A run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-night nursing session it is!

{4:37 a.m.} Put an asleep Si in the crib and head downstairs. Denali comes with. I let him out and head to the kitchen to make coffee.

{4:45 a.m.} Slather some peanut butter on wheat bread and sip coffee as I stand in the kitchen. Denali barks to come in so I grab the leash in the hopes that I can corral him and bring him on my run.

{4:57 a.m.} Walk out the door for 4 miles. It's a nice, crisp morning. Mid-40s so I'm in carpis and a long sleeve. Denali keeps his fur on. We're trying to get Denali back in shape so the run isn't super fast but it's enjoyable. {I have high hopes of running one loop of the Huff 50K with him come December.}

{5:35 a.m.} Cross the street and enter our neighborhood. Just as Denali and I pick up the pace, a neighbor's dog bolts toward us and bites Denali's back legs. I scream and the owner rushes out, calls the dog and they head inside. It's over in 45 seconds.*

{5:45 a.m.} Shower and get ready for the morning, aka put on another pair of workout capris and a tank as I have class at 9.

 photo 20160427_061956_zpswk5mibkb.jpg

{6:15 a.m.} Drink more coffee and eat breakfast – two eggs scrambled with onions, tomatoes, broccoli and cheese. It was pretty much awesome but it made the house smell like White Castle.

{6:30 a.m.} Pack lunches for Miles and me. M gets a PB&J, applesauce pouch and a mint cookie. I take a giant salad that I prepped on Sunday night and a chunk of leftover pork loin.

{6:50 a.m.} Miles wakes up and is able to say good bye to Mark from the front door as he heads to school. He then heads to the table to eat breakfast – a non-organic, non-whole wheat waffle with maple syrup and butter. Apple juice on the side.

 photo 20160427_074230_zpsgzbfapax.jpg

{7:20 a.m.} Si is still sleeping so I grab him from the crib and bring him downstairs. I change his diaper, give him a kiss and throw him in the high chair so he can eat breakfast. Usually, it's eggs but today he has nearly the same thing as his brother save he also gets a fruit and veggie pouch. Miracle of all miracles, he actually drinks from his cup. It's new, from Big Lots – a Nuby with handles and 360 straw. He has refused to use all other sippies until this one. I might actually have a chance at weaning.

{7:50 a.m.} Take our #project366 photo and head out the door.

{8:05 a.m.} Drop off Miles at school. He's mad because someone told him there was no school. I said there was. Guess who was right?

{8:20 a.m.} Arrive at daycare, nurse Si and learn we need to drop off diapers. And she can't wait until Friday, aka pay day. Fun times.

{8:40 a.m.} Walk into the Y. Go over boxing combos and listen to a Voxer message from my BFF.

{9 a.m.} Teach boxing fusion. Oof. My body aches from the previous night's boot camp class. I guess wide jump burpees were not a good idea.

{9:50 a.m.} Do a quick clean-up and change of clothes in the bathroom and head to work. Do work stuff.

{Noon} Hair appointment! After canceling twice because of sick kids, I am finally getting my ends trimmed.

{1:15 p.m.} Return to the office and eat lunch. Do more work.

{4:17 p.m.} Open a can of carrots and warm them up in the microwave ... as you do.

 photo 20160427_174417_zpssggtwdfv.jpg

{6 p.m.} Grab my lunch bag – aka a gift bag with a teddy bear and birthday balloon – and jet.

{6:10 p.m.} I walk into the house set to make dinner and am welcomed by a sick husband and a whiny pre-K'er. There's so much emo in our 1,600-square-foot abode that I feel like I need a hair cut and Fall Out Boy should be hosting a concert in the living room. I try to be understanding, though, so I grab Si and begin dinner. On this night, we're having burgers with grass-fed beef that I got at Aldi and sweet potato fries that I found buried underneath breast milk in the deep freeze. Good enough for me and the one other member of the family who was interested in eating.

{6:45 p.m.} Mark gives the boys baths while I clean up. It's an easy enough job - I just let everything soak and grab a glass of diet root beer.

 photo IMG_20160427_190259_zpst04qkr7n.jpg

{7 p.m.} My turn. I take the boys and read to them on our bed. Miles picks Dr. Seuss' "ABCs" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Later, we add "Pete the Cat Sings Flat." Miles eats a fruit leather. Ha, ha. Just kidding. It's a Fruit Roll-Up that I was conned into buying at Sam's Club. I get Si to drink some milk from his cup.

{7:15 p.m.} Take Si to his room where I nurse him and put him down. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

{8 p.m.} Make two-ingredient lemon bars for a co-worker's birthday as Mark and I watch "Survivor." The bars required a quick trip to the store, which required a quick stop at the liquor store.

{9 p.m.} Watch Julia get voted out and head upstairs. I wash my face and put on anti-aging moisturizer around my pimple; brush my teeth and braid my hair. I give Mark a kiss, get in to bed and sleep!

* Denali was OK, and my neighbor sent me a very apologetic email later in the day, offering to pay any medical bills Denali might incur. He also explained how the dog got out and promised that it wouldn't happen again.


  1. big A little a, what begins with A? Aunt Annie's alligator A A A. Big B little b, what begins with B? Barber baby bubbles and a bumblebee.

    I could totally go on. Probably til Z and I haven't read that book in at least 6 years. Testament to how many times I HAVE read that book. I can also recite Where the Wild Things Are with proper inflection. It's a neat party trick. But I miss kids books, and the routine of it all.

    1. I am mad impressed with your recall. I'm not sure I could remember that one. Or any of them. Mostly because we read lots of superhero stories, and I just check out. If I have to read about Thor and Mjolnar one more time, I might actually wake up with a hammer.