Thursday, April 14, 2016

Of Note

A Pinterest party it was not.

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• My post about Si turning one took on a life of its own, and I didn't get to share some of the details from his party. There's no need to do a whole recap because I actually checked myself and didn't go too crazy. I had a loose lumberjack/camping theme but it was only evident on the invitations, Si's shirt and his cake.

I made the bear cake myself, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. It's the first dessert that I've decorated that actually turned out fairly cute. I'm just a little bit proud. Too bad he didn't eat it. At all. Seriously. I'm not sure how he's my child.

• After singing happy birthday and after smashing the cake, it's customary to open gifts at a party. However, I asked something else of my guests. In lieu of gifts, if they wanted, they could bring baby supplies.

Mark and I aren't rich people but we have enough. If we need something, we can get it. If the kids want something, we can make it work. And, thanks to the generosity of family and friends, the boys have more than enough clothes, toys and games. It seemed unnecessary to give more to Si, especially when he has no frame of reference for birthdays and gifts.

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Our friends and family were so generous – we had boxes and boxes of diapers, wipes, butt cream, baby soap, bottles, pacifiers and gift cards so that I can buy more. Once I make it to the store, I'll be taking the donations to an organization that makes supplies necessary to families who take nutrition, safety and other classes.

• Call it a moment of truth but this week, I dared try on some of my warm weather pre-baby pants. A co-worker asked whether I still had a pair of blue capris with mint anchors stitched on them, and I said yes. I added, though, that I wasn't sure if they would fit. I'm fairly close to my pre-Si weight but I'm 5 pounds over my Weight Watchers goal and 8 to 10 pounds heavier than I'd like to be.

But I braved the storage bin and tried them on, and wouldn't you know it – the capris fit! To be sure, I even tried them on over a pair of workout tights. Also, I was to lazy to take them off.

• After this weekend, I am doing a sugar detox. From Easter to Si's birthday (why did I make a chocolate chip cookie layer "cake" with whipped cream cheese icing?!?), my sweet tooth has been out of hand. I haven't gained weight but I don't feel proud of the way I've indulged. The funny thing, too, is that I have really increased my vegetable intake.

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• This morning, I did my final run before the Carmel half on Saturday. I did 3 super easy miles with 6 strides at the end on the treadmill. The weather was nice enough that I should have been outside but I wanted to shower at the Y after my run and then enjoy a few minutes in the whirlpool. Let me tell you, it was heavenly. My legs felt amazing after I got out.

• Ahead of the race, I've been trying to hydrate like a boss. Lots of water, lots of Nuun and lots of my coffee (but decaf). I'm also being smart and rolling, and I'll be wearing compression socks tonight and tomorrow to keep the blood flowing.

Anything you'd like to note?


  1. I love that you asked for donations. Further proof you're the most generous, raddest person ever.

    1. Slight exaggeration but thank you :)

      It was a bit selfish, though: No toys = less to clean up. But I do like to help people.

  2. Aww, the cake looks neat! Do you have a pic from the top?

    The donation idea is great! As a friend, I would rather give something USEFUL to a kid, and to donate it is fantastic.

    Have a great race!!!

    1. Thank you! For first birthdays, I usually give diapers and a book because kids, usually, have far too many toys. Also, I like buying clothes for my own kids and don't usually need more. Ha!

      Let's see if this works!