Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ladies Night {+ Nuun Recipe}

Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right / Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night! /Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right / Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night / 

I'm pretty sure Kool and the Gang was talking about a night on the town but for me, the big night was at the running store this weekend.

From fashion shows to store discounts, fashion shows to makeup demonstrations, the event is always one I look forward to. I first attended in 2010, and it was where I was encouraged to run the half marathon at Fort4Fitness – my fastest 13.1 up until this month. I met new friends, hung out with old, always growing my relationship with the running community.

 photo 20160423_173720_zpseplddiia.jpg

But this year, the event was more to me. The coordinator gave me the chance to be a part of the night, mixing up Nuun mocktails and offering samples of my favorite hydration product.

Now, the original plan was to serve cocktails but there's these silly things called liquor laws, which are totally overbearing and ridiculously silly here in Indiana. So we switched to mocktails. And, to be honest, I think folks were just as happy.

 photo 20160423_165723_zps3raqeprn.jpg

I made a Lemon Tea goes to Long Island with {discontinued} Lemon Tea Nuun, 10-calorie ginger ale, apple cider and lemon juice; and a Tri-Berry Daquiri with Tri-Berry Nuun, 10-calorie lemon-lime soda, frozen berries and ice.

The daquiri {or slushy, really} was the run-away hit of the night. It was fruity but not overly sweet and very refreshing. The recipe, too, is versatile enough that one could swap out any fruit-flavored Nuun and a complementary frozen fruit. Not that this would ever happen but if you, say, tried a Nuun flavor and were just "meh" about it, you could easily mix it up in a "daquiri" and still reap the hydration benefits. The key is to make the Nuun double-strength so that the flavor holds up to the soda.

 photo 23bccc10-4a5e-4f2c-bbb6-4ce6a3fd2aa3_zpsaq426per.jpg

Tri-Berry Nuun-quiri

2 tabs Tri-Berry Nuun
16 ounces water
16 ounces diet or low-calorie lemon-lime soda
12 ounces frozen mixed berries
3 cups ice, or amount to reach desired consistency

Drop Nuun tabs in water and wait 2 minutes or until completely dissolved. Add Nuun and remaining ingredients into a blender and process until slushy consistency is reached. Transfer to a pitcher and serve.

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