Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Carmel Marathon {Week 12}

Oh, hey there, peak week. Nice to meet you.

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I am so glad you wanted to show me love but, to be honest, you have stinky breath and try to slow me down. I'll forgive you, though, because you do look pretty good.


Last week was the big week in training for the Carmel half marathon. I had a 7-mile run with 5 miles at tempo and a 6 x 4 minutes (with 2 minutes rest) in zone 4. I also had a long run with 4 miles at race pace because tempo and intervals just aren't fun enough on their own.

... Said no one ever.

And though I jest and sort of whine about it, the week went pretty decent. I felt strong and accomplished and {almost} excited about the race.

Highlight: Hitting my paces on the harder workouts, especially the interval run. I forget the reason now but I had to do that one early on Monday, and I don't do my best speedwork before 8 a.m.

Lowlight: Taking to the treadmill for my hard runs. Have I talked about the wind and rain? Because, yo. It's been ridiculous. I think it's really important to nail the hard runs outside when you have to find your own pace. However, I just don't have any desire to do that work when it's 30-some degrees, pouring down rain and sustained winds above 20 mph.

Caption this: My lazy bottom got Denali out for a run over the weekend. I would love to say I log a lot of miles with him but the truth is that I don't. It's hard to include him when scheduling runs is already a difficult balancing act. On Sunday, though, I was planning on an easy 5 while Mark and the boys were at Sunday school. It dawned on me that I could take Denali for 3, so that's what I did.

The week, in running:

Monday: 6 miles, intervals
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 7 miles, tempo
Saturday: 12.4 miles, Nutri-Run
Sunday: 5 miles

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