Thursday, March 10, 2016

Going Batty and More {Three Things Thursday}

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1. Spring has sprung in Fort Wayne, and I was able to soak up its arrival with a lunch run this week. The forecast had the temperature in the mid-60s and overcast (though it was closer to 70) and just ripe for running. I kept it fun, too, by taking a different route from my office through a park on the greenway and to the back entrance where there is this gorgeous, hidden stone entry. There's also some trails near the disc golf course and foot bridges over the creek. It's quite cute! However, the park has a terrible reputation so I don't always go but I'm glad I did.

I mentioned that I'm hoping to do more of these, especially as I wean myself off the pump, but haven't quite fit into the schedule. I'm hoping better weather will be a good motivator!

2. On my runch, I saw one of the weirdest things – a dead bat. It was ridiculously creepy. BUT, I'm glad that I saw it before stepping on it. I would have much rather spotted a deer or cardinal, even though the latter has its own creep factor. {Read here}

Of course, the bat was far less intimidating than the posse of geese next to the river. I've been hissed at far too many times to run past them without abandon. I find the farthest spot on the path from them, run lightly and then book it. There's nothing scary than geese.

3. I'm headed to training this weekend for the YMCA {all day, both days} so I took off Friday to get in my long run. #priorities

My plan calls for 13 miles with a strong finish, and I knew it would be hard to get it in before the training. Think: Up and out the door by 4 a.m. so that I could get in the miles and be home to help with the boys for a bit. And, it would be all by my lonesome at that hour.

I'm still looking at doing most of my run on my own {buddies with jobs ... whatever :) } but Mark offered to run 5 miles with me as there's no school. We haven't run together in a long time so I'm excited to have some time with him.

And, maybe, just maybe, he might take me to lunch after ...

Question: Anyone else take vacation days to fit in long runs?


  1. Dead bat on the ground is nothing. Try having very much alive bats swooping above your head at your work station.

  2. I have totally taken leave from work to workout. Priorities, indeed!

    I am happy you didn't step on the bat! I stepped on a dead bird by accident once and it really messed with my head.