Monday, February 22, 2016

Saturday Shenanigans

Ninety percent of my weekends look like this: Run, go to the grocery, swap out parenting duties, attend some required function, come home, cook and then wait for the clock to hit 6:30. Somewhere along the way, we might decide that we should get a movie from Redbox. We'll start it at 7:30 and and I promptly fall asleep at 8:30.


But this weekend, we actually broke out of our comfort zone ... a smidge.

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8:30 a.m.; Arrive at the Y. Despite some ridiculously beautiful weather, I ran on the treadmill. #wompwomp In my defense, I had a goal pace effort and it would have been challenging with the 45 mph wind gusts. I also had to sub a bootcamp class at 10 so it seemed easier to just get it all done at the gym. So I did. 6 miles in 53:10 with 4 goal pace miles in 34:00.

11:30 a.m.: Head to the mall for lunch and shopping. Miles is excited because he is basically getting the royal treatment – cookie of his choice, a ride on the carousel and a toy. We've been working on getting him to go to bed like a "big boy," and he earned the rewards. He wants to head straight for the Disney section at J.C. Penney but I insist on lunch.

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Miles gets Subway and I get Thai so I can split the noodles with Si. Obviously, he hated them ... not. He shoveled and shoveled and shoveled until they were gone. Apparently, it was a sight as one older lady came over and commented that he sure could eat.

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As for his brother, he could shop. Miles found not one, not two but three cuddlies (as we call them) on clearance so I couldn't say no. I also found Easter outfits for the boy that included complementary shirts and matching fedoras. It's ridiculous.

4:50 p.m. Drop the boys off at my in-laws for a sleepover. Before we go any further, yes, Mark's parents are the best. They asked to take both boys overnight. It was the first time we agreed, and it was awesome. I may or may not have ran from their house ... literally ... in cowboy boots.

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First stop, a newish gastopub with gourmet burgers. Mark and I decided to split a bison burger and lobster mac and cheese. I was hungry and decided to add a side salad. The server asked if I wanted that in place of the truffle fries and I gave him a crazy look. I told him no – I can eat all the food ... and I did.

After dinner, Mark and I headed to something completely out of the norm for us – a roller derby bout. A friend gave us free tickets and watching women get rough and tumble seemed like a great way to spend date night.

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It took us a few minutes to understand what was going on but after that, it was tons of fun. The only bummer is that Mark promised me dessert and the only option was Dip n Dots. Ick!

After the bout, we went home. I pumped as we watched our new Netflix fave, "Salvage Dogs." And then I fell asleep at 8:45.


What did you do this weekend?

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