Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Daily Snapshot II

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a) The reality of meal prep at 6:15 a.m. I try to pack my lunch – chopped chef salad and soup – while I cook my breakfast and make coffee. Please note the warehouse size container of Folgers.

b) The boys are sleeping, still, as I eat my egg white-mixed green scramble so I page through the IDEA Fitness Journal. It has the latest research but also some great ideas for classes. I love the superset workout they have and decide to use part of it for my morning T-N-T class.

c) At 7 a.m., I go to wake up Si. He is usually up by 6:30 but on this morning, he woke up at 4:55 as I walked out the door for my weekly BRF run date. Si fought Mark when he tried to soothe him and get him down so he slept in a bit later.

I nurse Si as I read blogs and text with my friend. Her weight loss has slowed and she wanted some advice. I feel honored that people respect my opinion enough to seek it out. However, I don't have all of the answers and often folks want nutrition help, which I am not really in a position to give. I hate to say it but on this morning, I had little patience.

d) Monday's #project366 photo

e) I leave the Y after teaching my 9 a.m. class and head to work. I used to think it was frivolous to have two gym bags but lately it's been a necessity as I'm teaching Silver Sneakers while an instructor recoups from a hospital stay. I still love my Apera and use it regularly. I also love coffee.

f) I need to do some rounds at work and head out to the car. As I make my stops, I listen to "My Sister's Grave" on Audible. Honestly, it's not my favorite – I feel like the writer is trying too hard – and I just want to power through.

g) Oh, the dinner struggles. I feel like my dinner conversation is reduced to the following phrases: Bottom on the chair; stop or the dog will eat it; do you want to be on restrictions; yes, you have to eat it all gone. It felt particularly fierce Monday as Miles insisted the pizza lasagna was spicy and he couldn't eat it. I felt terrible but I pulled the "your baby brother ate it and he's just fine" card at which point, Miles told me he was a werewolf and started howling.

h) Our bedtime routine commences almost immediately after dinner. Mark bathes the boys while I try to grab a few minutes to myself. I really wanted something sweet and started to make hot chocolate ... except we were out. Of course. The subsequent 53 ideas that I came up with were also a no-go so I had a banana with peanut butter and stale marshmallows. #winning

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