Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Carmel Half Marathon Training {Week 5}

Welp, it arrived – that blasted thing called winter.

After a relatively mild winter and running in shorts the last weekend of January, northeast Indiana was hit with a rather ferocious cold front. We had single digit temperatures (and negative windchills) in the morning and just enough snow to frost over and make footing on pavement rather precarious.

While I'd really like to whine about it, I can't. Our instances of spotty weather pale in comparison to the unseasonable conditions we have had.

Case in point: I was sent a pair of YakTrax to review last year for the blog. I had hoped to use them but we had more ice than snow and many days with bitter cold (we're talking windchills of -30). Factor in my pregnancy, and it just didn't seem prudent to use them. But I was going to redeem myself this year, dang it.

Except I haven't. Why? We haven't had enough snow to warrant getting them out. In fact, I'm fairly certain that my family in Cincinnati, 160 miles south, has had more accumulation than us.

But, this past week, I found myself finally pulling on my big girl tights and braving the elements for my weekend runs. I did head indoors to make use of the treadmill at the Y but running intervals in the cold and on slick pavement seemed dumb.

Week's highlights: Setting a PR in the 5K and getting to celebrate with my BRF; finishing my interval strong; and keeping a respectable pace for my long run when my legs were tired.

Week's lowlight: Letting mind games get the best of me on Saturday; fueling poorly Sunday because of the weather

The week, in running:

Monday: 5.1 miles, easy
Thursday: 5 miles, intervals
Saturday: Cupid's Chocolate 5K + 2.1-mile warmup
Sunday: 10.2 miles, LSD

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  1. Congrats on your PR!!!!

    I was frustrated with the low temps and wind chills last week but considering that was the first week of the year I had to run indoors... yeah, I got over it! :)