Thursday, December 31, 2015

Focus on 2016: #IWILLADD

"When making your New Year's Resolution, focus on the positive things you will add to your life."
– ACE Fitness

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For 2016, I considered a number of resolutions. I was going to give up diet soda. I was going to get serious about weight loss and shed the baby weight. I was going to, gasp, find a diet. As a result, I was going to run faster. Things were going to change. I was going to change.

However, when I saw the post from ACE, the organization from which I am a certified personal trainer, I couldn't help but pause. My resolutions were about all of the things that I was doing wrong. They were trying to address the areas where I felt as if I didn't measure up. Me, right now, was ... is not good enough. Even though, I wrote a candid post where I addressed that I have these feelings, I know, deep down, that I am a capable, competent, worthwhile person just as I am.

So, I decided to take ACE up on its advice and think about what I can add to my life. It's not change who I am but make an already good me better.

Drink to that. Once upon a time, when I had more expendable cash and could attend class more regularly, I had a yoga teacher advise to drink a glass of tepid water every morning before doing anything. Before the first cup of coffee, before the first bite breakfast. Heck, even before brushing your teeth. I am not going to resolve to drink more water or be on top of my hydration. Nope. I will add, though, a glass of water in the morning, before my day starts, if the situation allows. Note: If Si has been up all night and Miles is in fournager mode, I will forgo water and head straight for coffee.

It's easy being green. Nine out of 10 people could eat more vegetables, according to my unofficial, likely judgmental, study. I am one of those nine. I am not going to resolve to eat 10 servings of leafy greens a day. I will, though, commit to being mindful about adding vegetables to my breakfast. Greens can bulk up eggs and, maybe one day, I'll learn to drink a green smoothie.

Pay it forward. Financial goals are often at the top of resolution lists, right along side weight loss. It is a constant effort to be savvy spenders and smart savors in our household, and Mark and I have hopes of doing better. Instead of focusing on how much money we do or don't have, I have challenged us to be more giving in 2016. We kickstarted the effort this month by giving away (via a pay it forward Facebook site) the supplies to make Christmas cookies. Other ideas include gifting a meal through that site, donating our time to a cause and showing friends and family random acts of kindness. Our goal is to add one or more of these on a monthly basis.

What do you want to add in the new year?

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  1. Happy New Year Kim! I love this perspective from ACE and think it is such important and good advice. I love what you WILL do this year. Wishing you an amazing 2016! xoxo