Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: A Year in Review

I didn't expect much out of 2015 – at least when it came to running.

The year was going to be about family. Silas was due (and born) in April, and our household would grow from three to four. Miles would (and did) start school in the fall, attending a Catholic elementary as a pre-kindergartener. And, Mark and I would just try to figure out how to handle it all.

But, even though we're still figuring out that whole balance thing, we managed to make it through and I was able to do it in large part because I was able to maintain my identity as a runner. It wasn't an easy road but it was one well worth to travel.

Here are my 2015 running highlights:

 photo 20150125_171931_zpsehh4h3qk.jpg


I maintained a solid schedule of running and teaching though I did pull back on my mileage. My longest run was just over 7 miles and my pace ranged from 9:30 to 10:15. I attended the Fort Wayne Track Club banquet, where I emceed the women's running clinic and met Lauren Fleshman. Repeat: I met LAUREN. I also ate cake that night.

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Eked out a sub-30 5K at the Fanny Freezer. I was stoked.


Down and out with piriformis syndrome but I did get in a solid 3-miler at the end of the month. It was a much needed endorphin boost. I stayed active in the running community by volunteering at local races, and my club celebrated with a shower.

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Si was born via C-section on the 10th. I had prepared for a VBAC but he was breech.


I celebrated Mother's Day with a 1-mile run around my neighborhood. I didn't have clearance, yet, from my doctor but it was the only thing I wanted. Well, that and a good breakfast but let's not get into that. I also ran my first post-partum race with the stroller at that. It was a 5K to benefit Girls on the Run, and it felt good to see my running friends again. Bonus: Going to the AMR party in Indianapolis.

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BRFs for the win! After getting comfortable with the clomping of post-partum running, I was able to rejoin my friends for short outings. Running with friends does a mind – and body – good.


I began to slowly build my mileage, logging 5-milers during the week and getting in a 6-mile run with buddy Joe toward the end of the month. Endurance, rather than speed, was my focus and my log reflected that.

 photo FB_IMG_1438477951029_zps1hxuhizq.jpg


I kicked off the month with the New Haven 10K to gauge my fitness as I prepared for the Fort4Fitness Double Play. I had hoped to finish in under an hour, and I nailed it with a 59:40.


The month of racing! I participated in the Muncie Mini-Marathon (in the pouring rain) and Fort4Fitness Double Play (10K and 4-mile). Both events were huge boosts to my confidence as they proved that I had not been giving myself enough credit. I finally felt like I had come back.

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Bourbon, bourbon, bourbon. And how did I chase it. It was an amazing experience on the hills of Kentucky, and my training proved successful with all of my legs under goal.


I joined the Another Mother Runner tribe for the Striding Through the Holidays challenge. I loved having some new-to-me interval workouts and the support of the online community. I also spectated the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and caught the 26.2 bug.

 photo 12440518_10103181295924470_1561242280850549804_o_zpsbvyx0zs7.jpg


I finished my racing season with a 10.8-mile (really 11-mile) run around Chain O' Lakes State Park as part of the HUFF 50K. I didn't feel like a rock star but found some determination to go gang busters next year.

And a few numbers:

Medals earned: 5 (Muncie, F4F {x2}, Bourbon Chase and HUFF)
Miles ran: 819 (as of Dec. 29 – I plan to run one more time before the year end)
Most miles ran in a month: 123.52 (October)
Fewest miles ran in a month: 0 (April)
Plans for 2016: Only a billion :)

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  1. you had a GREAT year! Having a baby is no small thing!! I'm still in awe of all the running you did this year - you're amazing! I'm excited to see what you have in store for 2016 - happy new year :)