Friday, October 23, 2015

On the Hunt: #RiverfrontFW

When I saw the information come across my Twitter feed, all I could think was, "I. Got. THIS."

Riverfront Fort Wayne,an initiative that envisions a revitalized downtown riverfront area, was hosting asking locals how well they know the 2.6 miles of riverfront in the city and challenging them to a Selfie Scavenger Hunt. As I frequently run along the River Greenway, I felt confident that I know the 310 acres well.

The contest requires that entrants take selfies in front of 10 (of 25 clues) and post them on one social media channel (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) before the deadline.

And so on Thursday, I parked my car and headed out for a run downtown with my phone in one hand and the guide in the other. I headed east, sure that I knew where one of the clues was. It was so easy, I thought.

Less than mile later, I stood in front of my destination. My eyes scanned the building, looking for any detail to prove me right, but it was clear that I was anything but. It was OK, though. I had another clue identified. I just needed to run north past the fort and stop at the east side of Lawton Park.

Excited to finally find a clue, my pace quickened. A smile crossed my face. My gaze narrowed.

But when I arrived, again, I was disappointed to discover that I was wrong. Seriously, seriously wrong. My goal to take a good five or six of the required selfies ... well, it was a bit lofty as I found only one.

 photo IMG_20151022_150116_zpsef1iesao.jpg

One selfie over 5 miles. So, so sad.

But I was, am, determined. I went to work and did some research over lunch. It appeared that I had been *thisclose* to several of the stops on the scavenger hunt and didn't even know it. Frustrating! Others, with some additional context, became immediately clear.

And so I headed out again today. My run starting at the same spot with the same goal – five or six successful selfies over 5 miles. Unlike the day before, though, I wasn't going to hope to stumble upon them. I was going to hunt.them.down.

 photo IMG_20151023_120755_zpsvwdhzszn.jpg

My new creepy BFF.

And hunt them down I did. I found the ones on my list – and then some. I ended up taking EIGHT of the required selfies. Score!

 photo IMG_20151023_101629_zps7mahks6e.jpg

I still have to find one more clue on the Selfie Scavenger Hunt to be a legit entrant into the contest but, again, I think I know where a couple more of the clues are. I just need to take my next run to the east and through my old 'hood.

The prize isn't anything ridiculously amazing – one of three $50 gift cards to local restaurants – but I would still do a happy dance if I won. And then I would orders something ridiculously pricey that I wouldn't otherwise request.

If anything, I'm participating because it's a challenge and it's giving my running a purpose. A totally fun, rad purpose.

Have you ever participated in a scavenger hunt? I think this idea would be a lot of fun for running groups or even races.


  1. How fun!!!! Ive never done one but I would probably be good at it!! ha! Probably not!!

  2. This sounds so fun! I'm really big on local history in FWA and I'm jealous you get to do it. I have done a virtual running scavenger hunt where we were divided into teams. It was a blast and a great motivator.