Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Training Update {8/31/15-9/6/15}

Currently training for: Muncie Mini Marathon, Fort4Fitness Double Play, the Bourbon Chase

The dining room armoire. That's where I found them. 

My 10-ounce Nathan Quick Shot, my larger Nathan handheld (I think it's 22 ounces) and my Nathan Speed belt.

Obviously, the key components to my hydration arsenal belonged in my flipping dining room armoire where I would never thing to look for them. I wouldn't, say, put them in the kitchen cabinet with the rest of the water bottles or a different one where I stored them last year. I didn't pack them away in the storage tote with the rest of my summer running gear nor did I put in the basement next to my vest.

Nope. They were in the dining room for a good 9 months, two of which were spent actively searching for the bottles.

But all is well and good now ... now that I have them. I can now go on long runs, even short runs considering our recent streak of 90+-degree days, and feel good with my hydration.

Well. Sort of.

On Saturday, I took the larger bottle for my 12-mile (!!!) run and it was good to have that much Nuun with me. I needed it on a rather sticky morning. However, it was a pain and a half to carry – heavy and hard to hold. I feared that I was going to get a blister from holding it the wrong way. Thankfully, I didn't but still.

The problem – from locating the bottles to the potential chafing – would have been moot had I properly cleaned my vest. Not just that but purchased the right stuff to clean it, rather than letting it hang out in the basement all winter. I need an industrial length bottle cleaner to save it now. 

Or at least I think. I'm scared to actually look at it. I am such a flipping grown-up ... as evidenced by my stellar storage skills.

But enough about that. I ran 12 miles, and it was OK. Pretty decent, actually. And now I can say I'm relatively trained for the half in two weeks. Holla.

The week, in training:

Monday, Aug. 31
X-TRAIN | Boot camp {taught}
Time: 45 minutes

Tuesday, Sept. 1
RUN | 5 miles
Time: 49:18 Pace: 9:38

X-TRAIN | Boot camp {taught}
Time: 50 minutes

Wednesday, Sept. 2
X-TRAIN | Piloxing {taught}
Time: 45 minutes

Thursday, Sept. 3
RUN | 5 miles
Time: 46:44 Pace: 9:20

X-TRAIN | Boxing fusion {taught}
Time: 60 minutes

Friday, Sept. 4
RUN | 4.11 miles
Time: 39:48 Pace: 9:48

Saturday, Sept. 5
RUN | 12 miles
Time: 2:00:03 Pace: 10:00

Sunday, Sept. 6

Note: I have added affiliate links. It's a douche move, I know, but I'm trying to be fiscally responsible and reduce my debt. Also, diapers are expensive, yo. I'm trying to make the little things add up. The links are a little thing. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. awesome job!! I hate fueling and hydrating. It is such a nuisance. I hate belts and vests equally.

  2. I've been debating on getting a handheld. I have been stashing water along my route and looping back through for it, but as I run more and more I think I really should get something. The thought of a vest or camelbak makes me shudder though.