Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sweet nothings {A Three Things Thursday Post}

It had been three weeks since I treated myself to dessert. Three weeks since I had tasted chocolate. Three weeks since I had hit up the office candy drawer.

A long, long three weeks.

But on Wednesday, the sugar detox that my friend and I have been doing was put on hold so that I could participate in a fundraising dinner. I was there in an official/work capacity and I had a legitimate duty to taste the food.

All of it. The pork belly and the veal chop. Brisket and tenderloin. Black bean soup and caprese skewers. Wines, red and white.

Oh, and the dessert. All of it chocolate.

 photo MyCollage_3_zpsrlnrolic.png

It was heaven, on a plate. Four plates actually.

Now, I didn't each in dessert in its entirety but I tried them all, and they tasted as good as you would expect after three weeks of cleaner eats.

But here's a few other things I discovered.

1. All the sugar equals none of the sleep. Maybe it was the excitement of the night or the wine but I was wired until 11, 11:30 p.m. Not so great when I'm still getting up with Silas every few hours. (BTW, we have not recovered from the 4-month sleep regression. Still.)

2. All the sugar equals all of those uncomfortable feelings. I felt seriously off this morning and all I wanted was a big plate of eggs. I needed something, anything, to balance out the sugar.

3. Why on earth do I eat such crappy desserts when there are foods like this out there? So many times we try to cut calories or be "good" but do it on a more frequent basis. I'm thinking it might be well worth it to skip the weekly trip to the ice cream shop if once a month I had a chef-made dessert and glass of wine with my husband.

So tell me ... are you a "save and splurge" type when it comes to dessert or do you take more frequent, but smaller, bites?

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