Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for Friday: Muncie Mini Marathon

My impromptu half marathon, come thunderstorms or cloudy skies, will be over at this time tomorrow.

I'd say it's hard to believe but meh. I haven't been hyping it up much and, at this point, I have yet to feel the race day jitters. I just want to drive down to Muncie, check in to the hotel and go to sleep. (Yes, I know it's breakfast time. Live.) I want to wake up tomorrow morning, eat a bagel and drink some coffee, pick up my packet and run.

That said, I am totally excited to be doing the race. Seriously.

ONICE | The race directors sent out an email this week detailing the aid station set ups for the course. There will be 10 for 13.1 miles, which I think is a near perfect ration. Water will be stocked at each one. Gatorade will be at 4 of the 10, gels at two and popsicles at two. Popsicles, people. POPSICLES. I'm not sure where I'll actually take a popsicle but I think it's a pretty genius move given the 9 a.m. start time for a mid-September race.

ONSWAG | At this point in my running life, a race shirt is a race shirt is a race shirt. And I will get one tomorrow morning (thank heavens for day-of packet pick up). It looks nice enough on the website, too – red with a fierce looking American Indian riding a horse. I'll wear it. But, silly as it might be, I'm totally amped to get a pint glass with the same logo. I might even drink a beer in it if I'm feeling particularly celebratory on Saturday. It's the little things. The little things.

ONCOURSE | In the 11 years I have lived in Indiana, I have been to Muncie a whopping one time. There's a university there (Ball State) and the Ball (of Ball jars, folks) estate. That's all I know. I'm excited to run along a new stretch of path and get acquainted with a new part of my state. The route takes us along the White River Greenway Trail and through Minnetrista – the one place in Muncie I'v visited. It promises gorgeous architecture and garden and river views.

ONFUEL | A few weeks ago, I stopped at my local running store to hit up the Gu wall (as I like to call it). I needed supplies for my 12-mile run, this race and any double digit jaunts I'll take before the Bourbon Chase. I grabbed my new favorite (Root Beer), a favorite from last summer (Salted Watermelon) and a new flavor (Big Apple). I know it's dangerous to try something new on race day but it will be hard to resist the temptation. I might try it at mile 12 if I follow a three Gu fueling strategy. If something goes wrong, I should be across the line and near a portable toilet.

ONATTITUDE | This race started out as a way to get in a supported training run. I am not going to PR. I am not going to go sub-2. I will not even entertain whether 2:05 is possible. What I will do is have fun and make running feel the best it can with what the day gives. When I registered, I told myself that I would use a run-walk strategy to help me complete the distance without tanking myself. My ego, now, is having a hard time committing but I will be walking through water stops.

And maybe eating a popsicle. Just to say I did.


  1. Definitely eat a popsicle!! good luck!

  2. Good luck Kim!! You got this and definitely be okay with a few walks in there!! Have fun with this first half after baby!! Your amazing and will do awesome!