Thursday, June 18, 2015

You've Got The Look {A Three Things Thursday Post}

"To me, you've got the perfect body."

I had to keep my mouth from dropping when one of my group fit participants gave me the compliment. Me? The perfect body? I am not sure that phrase has been ever been assigned to me. And, to be honest, I just didn't see it.

I see arms that flap in the wind. I see a belly that jiggles. I see thighs that touch. I have legs with bumps and wrinkles. And the number on the scale? Well, it hasn't been so nice to me this week*.

But that's not what she saw. She saw someone who was healthy but not emaciated. She saw someone with muscle tone but not muscles. I also think she saw someone who was approachable, realistic and aspirational**.

The idea of how a personal trainer or group fitness instructor has been something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

 photo Personal-Training_zpswub0xsuv.jpg

1. It's my job to not just give people a good workout but give them something to work toward. I am supposed to be a role model. It's hard to feel deserving of the responsibility when  I am very much in the same place they are – trying to rein in the diet, lose weight and improve my health. But, I am finding my participants' dedication and journeys to be great motivation. I want to be better for them!

2. Thanks to Beachbody and Advocare, there seems to be an explosion of fitness and health "coaches" – a title that comes with a credit card transaction and a desire to sell. Via Facebook, I've seen people of all shapes and sizes seek to motivate and inspire people to get healthy, lose weight and gain a sense of community ... at the price of their particular program. It's great to see so many people take a chance on exercise thanks to these programs and be introduced to them by friends.

I hate to admit it but I have found myself questioning these folks, often allowing myself to feel (maybe wrongly so) more entitled to lead others on a fitness journey.

3. On a superficial level, I think there is a look clothing-wise to being a trainer. You can't just show up in ratty shorts and a cotton T-shirt. I feel like I need some more workout clothes as I've noticed many of my capris are older and starting to show some wear.

 photo capris_zpsfzgqnvgd.jpg

I'm super in love with the Fila Sport Maui Skimmer. I bought a pair about a month ago, and I love the wide waist band. I just saw a floral pattern and, well, it made my heart stop. I'm also anticipating some major rewards from my Old Navy card, and it's tempting to splurge on the Quest Metro Slouch Capri from Athleta. I think they'd be perfect for Piloxing. And though I'm not sure what a tennis capri is, I like what Nike has out.

I'm going to try to wait on the capris – at least a bit. New clothes are always a good reward for reaching health goals!

Note: Dear Kim, Stop eating like an asshole. Sugar is not good for you. Also, drink more water.

** I don't think this is a word, and I'm OK with that.


  1. What a nice compliment!

    I do not look like a PT. But... people who are like me in my classes can relate to me. And people who are at a healthier weight for their bodies still listen to me, so that's cool.

    Yes on the clothes! I have a sort of uniform and I just ordered 5 pairs of my standby Kohls capris for class :)

    I have a side-eye for those programs too. But more because... well, it seems like it's all about profit. You know? I mean, yes, we get paid too, but the schilling of the shakes and all that crap isn't something I can get behind, especially when a lot of those people don't have nutrition backgrounds and many come from eating disorders (not saying all don't have the background and that you can't recover from an eating disorder AT ALL but I bet you know what I am talking about!)

    1. I think you both have great PT bodies, but not importantly, great PT lifestyles. You're healthy, mindful, active, balanced, non restrictive, strong, etc. And I agree. I side eye the beach body and the like. Seems more like a pyramid scheme than an actual health program.

    2. I think you both have great PT bodies, but not importantly, great PT lifestyles. You're healthy, mindful, active, balanced, non restrictive, strong, etc. And I agree. I side eye the beach body and the like. Seems more like a pyramid scheme than an actual health program.

  2. Great article Kim!! You are such an inspiration to so many! You just had a baby and you are running 4 miles!!!! Awesome too by the way! I love that yes I'm a personal trainer and yes I am fit but I am very much not like what people thinks a personal trainer should look like. I too struggle with diet and sometimes get down on myself because....well hello, I'm a personal trainer and I should know better! But, I'm human too and have the same day to day things that my clients have in their lives! Kids, husband, animals and so forth. I've had most of my clients for over 2 I must be doing something right? But I'm with you Kim, I feel that they look at me as real, fit, and have the same struggles and goals as they do. Little do they know that they too encourage me with all their fitness, diet, goals, and how I see them push through during a hard workout.

    Thanks because I needed to read this Kim! Such a great article!

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