Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Back on my feet

The discharge instructions from the hospital in regards to my C-section are fairly standard. No driving for 10 to 14 days. If I have increased pain or swelling at the site of the incision, seek medical attention. Follow up with the doctor in six weeks.

But what struck me as vague, at best, and problematic, at worst, was the plan of care for activity.

"Activity as tolerated. ... Return to regular diet and activity as tolerated."

Well, then, it's time to bust out the running shoes.

 photo 20150427_161553_zpstrdaxgxq.jpg

Ha! Just kidding.

Even though running has taught me to tolerate a lot of things, including discomfort and reasonable amounts of pain, it has also instilled a valuable lesson: Don't be stupid with your body. I would love to go for a run right now but I wouldn't deem it prudent.

However, I have been feeling the itch to be active again as my pain levels drop each day. I'm 19 days post partum, and I have little discomfort around the incision at rest or during activities of daily life. Any troubles seem to be internal and more than likely related to the uterus shrinking down to size (according to my very non-expert personal opinion).

 photo IMG_20150427_163002_zpsbh4wbeno.jpg

I decided to test the road on Monday with a short walk to see how everything felt. I got Silas settled in the stroller and headed out for a mile loop that I did a lot during my run streak – also with Silas. Sort of.

It was windier, cloudier and chillier than I had hoped but it felt good to move. So good. I didn't have any pain – dull or jabbing – at the incision site during the walk. The only awareness was muscular in nature. Like, holy hell, woman. Your body was cut open 17 days ago and you want to do this. It quieted down, though, within minutes of arriving home.

 photo IMG_20150428_161352_zpsltg6f3da.jpg
Baby neck rolls! Note: I had a hat on him and had his head covered for the walk. It just didn't work for the selfie :)

Feeling confident and a wee bit bored on Tuesday, I strapped Silas into the carrier to see how we would fare on a longer jaunt. And by longer, I mean 1.5 miles total. I didn't want to push my body or him, as we're still establishing a nursing schedule. (*Refer to the part about not being stupid.) It was warmer, sunnier and lovelier. He napped, I listened to a podcast on speaker and enjoyed the day.

Even though I'm out for 30 minutes or less, it's amazing what the walks do for me. I feel bright, alert and enthusiastic. I rang my grandma during another 1.5 miles this morning and she noted that I sounded back to normal.

"Not yet," I replied. "But soon."


  1. Good to hear you're getting out! The spring weather is gorgeous (when it's not crazy cold still).

  2. Congratulations - he is adorable!!!!!

  3. It bet that will bit of fresh air goes a long way!! :) Sounds like you are doing good!!