Monday, March 23, 2015

Take Me Away

It wasn't the worst news on the planet but it wasn't the best either.

Baby boy, continuing his propensity for complicating life, is not head down as he should be at this point. Rather, he is butt down, legs straight out. My doctor, at the 36-week appointment on Friday, called it frank breech. I called it annoying. Or, disappointing. Maybe even maddening, as his position is not conducive to a successful VBAC.

But rather than wallow in the possibility of another C-section, I packed some bags and hit the road with Miles for one last hurrah.

 photo 20150322_073707_zpsw1e5vspa.jpg

We headed down to Hueston Woods State Park in Ohio, where we would meet up with my grandma, favorite aunt and uncle and a number of other relatives. The trip was originally planned as a treat for Grandma and an excuse for her kids to get together. When my uncle asked me if I was interested, it quickly became a way to surprise Grandma and spoil Miles one last time before the baby.

And, as it turned out, it offered me the perfect distraction and perspective after spending too much time fretting on Friday.

 photo 20150321_154849_zpsxjldxqq8.jpg

We swam.

 photo 20150321_170548_zpslqy4lmtr.jpg

We hung out on the deck of one of the suites as it offered a gorgeous view of the lake.

 photo 20150322_082003_zpseq4glnu6.jpg

We relaxed as we talked and watched the NCAA tournament games – although I use the term relax loosely. Our beloved UC Bearcats had a disappointing loss to the Kentucky Wildcats.

 photo 20150322_101728_zpshghkfais.jpg

And we enjoyed a bit of "vacation," indulging in treats and snacks. Miles might have been on sugar overload, thanks to my uncles and cousins. Cookies, lollipops, ice cream. I couldn't escape, either, being "forced" to split a bananas Foster with my uncle. It's a rough life, sometimes, having someone who does things like that :)

 photo 20150322_101938_zpsmjohr1w1.jpg

Most importantly, we spent time with each other even if it didn't feel like enough. I'm always so grateful and happy to see the relationships that Miles has with the people who were so instrumental in my life. We don't get to see them as often as we'd like but knowing how much they love him, and he loves them, makes my heart happy.

Even as baby boy felt like he was going to crack my ribs from his head-butting and my uncle trying to "corrupt" Miles, I could be nothing but joyful this weekend. It didn't matter if baby was in the right position, I knew that all of us were where we belonged.

For those who are so inclined, keep your fingers crossed or say a prayer on Tuesday morning. My doctor is going to try an external version to get this guy head down. He gave me 65-35 odds, which is in my favor (although it's hard to feel that way). Also think of Mark as I will not be allowed to eat – or drink coffee – before the procedure. It will be a long morning! Note: I know there are other ways to try to get a baby to move but I trust my doctor and feel confident in his decision to try this procedure.


  1. I'm glad he's going to try a version! You have probably heard of the spinning babies site, but I thought I would mention it just in case. I wish the best for you!

  2. Ooo, I hope it works! I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!! I know going for a VBAC was important to you and I hope you still have the chance :)

    What a wonderful weekend! It's so great to have family like that, and to share that with Miles :)

  3. That looks like an amazing family. I am trying to plan something similar with my family in May hopefully. Your son has grown sooooo much!!!

  4. From the other side of the world I am thinking of you and hoping that your procedure is successful!!!

  5. Looks like a fun little getaway!!!
    I hope all goes well this morning! It may even be done by now!!! Better to try and move the baby now than later!!! Good luck!! Positive vibes!!!