Monday, March 16, 2015

On the Dinner Table

I think Mark was worried that a) the world was ending; or b) I was in labor when I called him to the kitchen frantically on Thursday morning.

But, to his relief, it was neither. The problem? The crock of my slow cooker had a crack. A real one.

I had made a batch of marinara sauce the day before without incident – at least none that I was aware of. After the remaining sauce was put into freezer containers for post-paby and the crock was pre-washed, Mark filled it with soapy water to soak overnight. On Thursday morning, I came downstairs to find some coupons on the counter soaking wet. I looked to see what would cause it and that's when I saw the crock. The black stoneware, once full, was now filled at about 75 percent. The remaining water – you guessed it – was on the counter.

Le sigh.

The slow cooker is older than my marriage, and I use it so often that the buttons on the digital display were worn off. I couldn't expect it to last forever with the wear and tear. But I wanted it to, especially when the $60 to $70 for a slow cooker could easily go toward diapers ... or snacks for my birthing bag.

And maybe that's why Mark was a bit frantic himself when he left for school that day. See how nice I am? I share my feelings!

 photo 20150313_081024_zpsex25e5zl.jpg

To everyone's relief and well being, I snagged a slow cooker on clearance at Kohl's for $24 plus I had the unicorn 30 percent off coupon with my charge. $17 digital six-quart slow cooker, baby!

I broke it in last week with the beef and broccoli that I had on the menu, and I plan to use it again for some salsa chicken. Double batch so I can freeze some for post baby.

 photo IMG_20150313_180918_zpstrjohnk0.jpg

Here's what else we're eating:

Sunday: Cincinnati Chili (also a double batch for freezer)
Monday: Thai Chicken Burgers
Tuesday: Grilled smoked turkey sausage with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut for St. Patrick's Day
Wednesday: In-law's
Thursday: Slow cooker salsa chicken (burritos or salad)

Next week, I plan to use the slow cooker a bit more. You know, justify the hefty price tag ;) What's your favorite slow cooker recipe?

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  1. I am not big with the slow cooker. I always think that will be perfect but can never find a recipe that I like!!! I also feel like it is a winter thing and now it feels like spring!!! Dang!