Monday, November 17, 2014

I moustache you not to laugh at me

I'm it! I can finally feel cool again.

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The fabulous and hilarious Leslie, whom I met last year at Hood to Coast, tagged me in her "I Mustache You Some Questions" post. And since I like her, I thought I would follow suit.

Four names that people call me, other than my real name

Kim Kims




Four jobs I have had

Baby sitter

Office assistant



Four movies I've watched more than once

"The Goonies"

"10 Things I Hate About You"

"The Fugitive"

"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"

Four books I’d recommend


"Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing"

"Bitter is the New Black"

Four places I have lived

New Orleans, Louisiana (birthplace)


Sandusky, Ohio

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Four places I have been


Savannah, Georgia

Louisville, Kentucky


Four things I don’t eat

Sushi. I am scared of the raw fish. I really want to try it but can't. Until then, I will live off California rolls and seaweed salad.

Twinkies. They scare me.

Regular soda. It's Zevia for me!

Corn tortillas. I just can't. It's flour for me, even if they are the less healthy option.

Four of my favorite foods

Cheese. Any and all kinds. I love the ridiculously processed American cheese from the deli but a good blue cheese does a salad — and a steak — good. I recently won a Cabot Cheese giveaway from Kelly, and I nearly died on my front porch when the package arrived.

Crab. I don't get to eat it as much as I want and that probably makes me love it more. My mom always took me to Red Lobster to celebrate birthdays, and my uncle would oblige me when he took me to father-daughter dances in high school. I always ordered crab legs — always.

Eggs. Dippy, with a side of sausage links and hashbrowns. Scrambled with cheese and bacon. Fried in my Burmese food, and boiled on a sandwich. I love them.

Ice cream. Shocker.

Four TV shows that I watch


"The Walking Dead"

"The Following" (on Netflix)

"America's Next Top Model" (on Prime)

Four things I am looking forward to this year

Finding out the gender of Baby X. I have one week until the ultrasound, and it might be the longest week of my life. Also: I am excited to be pregnant and look forward to the birth of baby No. 2.

My sixth anniversary ... because we're eating at Red Lobster.

Celebrating Christmas. Miles is super into the holiday this year (more the commercial side but still), and I am excited to share that with him.

Days without snow.

Four things I’m always saying

"Look at me. I said look at me. What did Mommy say?"

"Sit your butt down." (This one applies to Miles and my group ex classes!)


"I'm hungry."

Four People I Tag

So ... I struggle picking people for these things because what if I'm not cool enough for them to read my blog. I also hate singling out people. It's like school all over again. But, anyhow ... here are my people. If you don't want to do it, don't. If you do, do it. Share the link in the comments!






  1. Awesome! You tagged me! Thanks!! I accept this challenge. I do not eat Sushi either. Although I also don't eat cooked fish. Walking Dead is AWESOME, as are eggs. And I have Unbroken queued up in my Audible account, I just need to get to it. Thanks for making me feel like a cool kid today!! I'll link over when I write the post.

    1. You are a cool kid! And hooray for the Walking Dead! I will say, I'm waiting for something big. I like when it's more ensemble and less focused than it has been.

  2. Accepted.

    P.S. You look amazing! If it still works for you, I'll be arriving in Indy on Tuesday and be there until the following Tuesday.

    1. Woo hoo! Email me and we will set something up! We are going to Cincinnati Wed-? and I thought we'd stop in Indy on the way home.