Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Summer Like Nuun Other

In the back of a van, along the back road of Oregon, I learned something. Something valuable. Something to treasure.

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The art of mixing Nuun.

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During the 30-odd hours I was in the van for Hood to Coast, I am fairly certain that I made at least a half-dozen concoctions with the now retired Banana Nuun - Banana-Orange, Banana-Tropical, Banana ... Uh. Not sure. I know it was definitely not Banana-Kona Cola.

It seems crazy, I know, breaking tabs in half and putting multiple flavors in a bottle. It is. But, it is also fun, interesting and the perfect remedy to the post-long run looniness induced by many miles under the hot sun.

Assuming the role of mixologist is also a great solution if you buy a tube of Nuun and don't necessarily like it. Or, you really like it but half-way through the four-pack you ordered online, you sort of want to chuck tubes at runners passing by just to get rid of it.

Not that I'd ever do that. Not ever. However, I recently found a stash of Watermelon Nuun (which, by the way, is back for summer) and wasn't excited about it as I had been in the past. It's good, yes, but no longer a favorite. (I'm currently partial to Tri-Berry, which I hated for about a year. Weird.) A fellow Nuun ambassador, though, posted about mixing Watermelon with Pink Lemonade and thus a brilliant solution was found. I sipped the combo on my way to meet my running friend on Sunday and for fun on Monday.

The discovery also put me on the mission to see what other creations  I could come up with. Here are my picks that are perfect for summer running - whether it's before, during or after.

Note: All are made with a half tab of each flavor per water bottle. I sometimes enjoy making one flavor more dominant by going with a full tab of it and a half tab of the other.

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Arnold with a Twist: Strawberry Lemonade + Lemon Tea

Arnold Classic: Lemonade + Lemon Tea

Citrus Tea: Citrus Fruit + Lemon Tea

Berry Tea: Tri-Berry + Lemon Tea

Cherry Cola: Kona Cola + Cherry Limeade (could also use Nuun Energy variety)

Citrus Punch: Orange + Lemon-Lime

Island Getaway: Orange + Tropical

Left Field: Orange + Fruit Punch

Disclosure: I am a Nuun ambassador and receive a discount on products. However, I wrote this post of my own accord.


  1. I'm almost positive I'm going to try ALL of these... and that I have all of these flavors on hand already (addiction). I hear that feedback from a lot of people. They love one flavor, buy the 4-pack and then about 1/2 way through, don't ever want to see that flavor again haha.

  2. I love this idea and am definitely going to give a go! Sounds like a good way to mix it up and keep from getting too bored with a flavor. I have a bunch of flavors in my cabinets, just so I can use different ones each day so I don't get tired of the same thing.

    1. I usually have at least four or five (or 8) flavors on hand at any given time!

  3. Brilliant! I feel the same way about watermelon this year but adding some sour citrus to it might but just I need for the 6+ tubes I have left. Or we can just chuck them at runners heads during Zooma.

    1. I still feel like chucking Nuun at ZOOMA is a viable option. It would be, like, a community service to the parched runners.

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  5. I always love mixing my Nuun!! I like to mix tri-berry and lemon-lime. Cola and cherry limeade. I liked the watermelon but wasn't totally into it like everyone else so I use it sparingly!! I am actually going to try your new SL + W right now!!!!! Thanks!