Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking forward: 2014

It was the best way to start the new year.

One of the members of the run club, on Monday, invited everyone to begin 2014 with a run. A resolution run. There were no frills, no set distance, no guidelines. We were to show up at the running store at 10:30 and head off with friends, new and old. But, if we were struggling for conversation along the way, we should talk about our goals.

Running goals for 2014.

I started off with Dave, whom I've run into from time to time but don't know really well. We made chit chat and when I didn't know what to say, strange for me, I asked him about goals. He answered. And then, being the nice guy he is, he politely asked me mine.

::birds chirping::

I stumbled over something and went back to chatting about him - his daughters, work, how sad we were that a downtown coffee shop had slowed. A mile or so in, he fell back a bit and I ran with my buddy Joe. Running with him semi-regularly, I didn't need to come up with a big goal to share. I didn't need to do anything but one foot in front of the other.

After I was finished with the run, I met Mark and Miles at Pizza Hut for lunch. We chowed down on salad and pizza, and once again I was asked about plans for 2014. This time by Mark. (Miles only asked me for more noodles.)

Again, the birds chirped and words were hard to find.

One of the things I've struggled with, if you can say that, as I looked toward and then celebrated the new year is that there is no goal on my mind. I am not itching to PR or complete a new distance. I am not running another marathon. After traveling for three half marathons and Hood to Coast last year, I don't plan to take many racecations in 2014. Outside of running, I don't plan to lose weight. I am not going to try a new diet. I don't want to overhaul my life.

In fact, I think I just want to be. Just be. Me. I want to live my life, a life that includes running, and see where it takes me.


  1. EXACTLY what 2013 was for me. It is rejuvenating. Enjoy your year of running for fun :)

  2. That's me, too. No goals. I just wanna be. Nothing to change, just keep doing my thing. I bet you will have a great year!

  3. I love your idea on goals! Sometimes we clutter our lives with too many goals and when we are unable to achieve them we feel defeated. Like you, I plan to just enjoy life and take whatever it throws at me and go from there. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!

  4. I know how you feel. The same birds are chirping over this way.

  5. Love your attitude! I also struggle to think about what my goals are as far as running goes this year. It would be awesome to do that sub 1:50 half in May...we'll see.

    The only thing I know I want to do, get your arms. ha. But seriously, I got a set of kettlebells for Christmas I'm super excited about.

    1. I want kettle bells, too! I have never tried them. I would like that sub 1:50 half if it happened. By magic.

      P.S. We might be out in CO in July ;)

    2. Yeay! Let me know as your plan evolve. :-)