Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Veterans Marathon Training: Week 17

Race week, it is here my friends.

With four days until the Veterans Marathon, the work is done. The miles logged. The toenails lost. There's not much to do except a few easy runs and the consumption of carbs (and not do anything stupid, like not paying attention to footing on the trail).

And, I'm ready to do this. Mentally, for sure. Physically, too - maybe for the first time in four months.

Highlight of the week: I had a gut-busting, confidence-building long run on Sunday. I ran with the group for the first 6.5 of my 8 miles and despite promising a 9:40 pace in my invitation post, we were closer to 9 flat. I blamed my speedy friend, and she blamed me. Our new member blamed us both.

Challenge of the week: I taught Ripped/Bodypump four days this week - three days back-to-back. I was mindful to go easy on the weights and track selection but my legs were toast by Thursday. I couldn't even run around the block to hit an even 4 miles that morning. Thankfully, some extra stretching and yoga helped immensely and I was in good form for the weekend.

Looking ahead: The race! Woo hoo!

The week, in training:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Piloxing + Ripped
Wednesday: 4.01 miles + Bodypump
Thursday: 3.75 miles + Ripped
Friday: Heated yoga
Saturday: 4.28 miles + Ripped
Sunday: 8.07 miles

*All group fitness classes are taught with the exception of yoga.


  1. Woohoo! I can't wait to hear how you do on your marathon!

  2. You've SO got this! I hope it's amazing!

  3. you've done ALL the work! so excited for you!!

  4. Excited for you Kim!! You have done your work and it's going to show! You are going to rock this marathon!!

  5. Yay! Being mentally ready is what it's all about! What a great last long run to have! :) I hope your legs get a rest this week until the race! :)

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