Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Fear factor

Happy Halloween!

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I'm not sure what's more frightening this morning - the fact that Miles insisted on eating breakfast with this atrocious bear he stole from Nana and Papa or my 3.75-mile run that felt like 7.

I'm going with the bear because I'm not going to think about the run beyond my impending session with the foam roller. It wold be easy to let a bad run scare me during taper but I've been around the race course enough times to know that taper runs are never fun. And, if they are, it's not usually a good thing.

That said, it's OK to be scared ... as long as we don't let it control us

1. Last night, I subbed a BodyPump class at a new-to-me gym. Not only didn't I know any of the faces, I had to get directions to the group fitness room. Talk about scary! I definitely felt nervous, even intimidated, as the environment is a big change from where I have been teaching. I knew I would be judged based on previous instructors and their styles and fitness levels. Rather than shrink inward and not give the class what it deserved, I took a few seconds to collect myself and went on. I got a couple compliments at the end, which was nice and reassuring as I move forward.

2. A bit vague but with 2013 being the year to make shit happen, I had to make a pretty tough call this week. It forced me to give up the familiar, the comfortable, and move toward the unknown. And the unknown is scary. I worried that I had done the wrong thing, that I it was going to all blow up in my face. And it might ... but I don't think it will.

3. I'm really scared of this bear sitting next to me and the fact that Miles is licking syrup off his plate right now. I'm also scared of heights, escalators and rodents. My heart races when people even mention aliens or possibility of life outside Earth. I will run away from peacocks at the zoo.

I'm also scared of Smarties. The candy.

Trick or treat.

What scares you?


  1. I'm scared of that bear too. And of going to look at a car for my daughter tonight because my spouse totally dropped the ball on it. I should mention I'm going in costume dressed as a Minion because I'm heading there right from school.

    1. AWESOME. On the minion costume, not so much car shopping. Have fun!

  2. Yay! I am happy the BodyPump class went well! Any other opportunities at that gym?

    1. Ahh ... yes. No. 2 is actually a reference to that. I'm moving there in two weeks. They needed an instructor ASAP but I wanted to give notice at other place.

  3. It's definitely intimidating to sub at a new place for the first few times. Glad to hear it went well!

  4. You're going to laugh at me...growing up, I was scared of the Big Bad Wolf and E.T. To this day, I still cannot watch that moive. Creeps. Me. Out.